13 Stylish Short Hairstyles to Try in Your 20s

Prepare to be inspired by these stylish short haircuts. 

The 20s are the when the real fun starts. During this time, your personality is constantly evolving, so this is a great season to explore, experiment, take lots of risks and try new things. Why not make one of them an experience in trying out a short haircut? Be brave and fearless! It doesn’t have to be drastic, but go for it, if you so prefer! Ride this decade-long roller coaster of high and lows with a hairstyle bound to turn heads or cure a bad break up. From keeping it simple with short layers to low-maintenance cuts and beyond, there are a variety of exciting and stylish short hairstyles to try. Check out 13 age-appropriate short haircuts that are sure to inspire your next look.

Hot and Stylish Short Hairstyles for Your 20s

stylish short hairstyles with curls
Rocking your hair in a short crop is a cute way to show off your curly texture.

1. Short Curls

If you’re currently sporting long curls, opt for a shorter hair length overall.They key characteristic of this cut is its layered effect, which adds some body and volume to hair. Switch it up from time to time with classic, loose 1950s-inspired curls.

stylish short hairstyles with asymmetrical cut
Get an asymmetrical crop to frame your face.

2. Angled Crop

If you fancy a hairstyle that’s chic and modern, this may work for you. The longer length adds some edge and drama to the silhouette of this short haircut. Be sure to smooth out any frizz or flyaways like the Suave Professionals Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum

stylish short hairstyles with blonde color

3. Sleek Crop

Stand out from the crowd with this neat, timeless look. Ideal for those with straight hair and who prefer a low-maintenance style.

stylish short hair featured hair
A short feathered cut is a fun style to try in your 20s. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Short Feathered Cut

Super sexy and edgy, this cut provides movement and lots of movement, which is also ideal when done on a natural-wave texture.

stylish short hairstyles on natural hair
Hands down, this short hairstyle is effortless. Great for the gal who’s always on the go!

5. Shaped Afro

This freeform style is cut above the chin and shaped to perfection. If you’re transitioning back to natural curls and are on the fence about a big chop, this look may inspire you.

stylish short hairstyles with shaved sides
Add long flowy layers to a mohawk haircut to add a softer touch to the edgy cut.

6. Mohawk hHircut

If “go hard or go home” is your motto, try a mohawk and pull it off with confidence. Play around with the longer layers at the top, which can be styled up or slicked down with some hair gel like the Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel

stylish short hairstyles with bangs
The mussed feel of a shaggy short hairstyles gives it a stylish edge. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

7. The Shag

This tousled cut is trendy, cool and super fun to try out at this age. The ability to switch up your part adds versatility too. We love how wash and wear this short haircut is! And don’t forget to use some mousse like the TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Firm Control Mousse to help define your shaggy layers.

stylish short hairstyles with blunt cut
Blunt cuts are a great way to make a statement in your 20s!

8. Razor-Cut Bob

This bob is sharply defined and is a superb way to show off the frame of your face. Longer front sections add a sophisticated and modern touch.

stylish short hairstyles with side part
Side swept cuts are fun since you can play around with your part. Swoop it left or right and have fun!

9. Side-Swept Crop

On thick hair, this crop can look really full, soft and feminine. The side-swept fringe adds a cute peek-a-boo effect.

stylish short hairstyles with subtle layers
Give your straight cut and extra touch with subtle layers. So youthful and chic for your 20’s. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Short Layers

Worn chin or shoulder length, the short layered cut is effortlessly stunning and provides movement. Bonus points if done on curly or wavy hair. Work those locks!

stylish short hairstyles with bangs
Try out a fringe on a bob haircut in your 20s. This hairstyle works for any age!

11. Bob with Bangs

Adding a fringe to a bob is an easy way to play with balance. Bangs frames the face and provide contrast to a short cut.

stylish short hairstyles with undercut designs
Want to add some edge to stylish short hairstyles? Opt for an undercut with cool designs.

12. Undercut

Make an impact on your entire look and embrace your youth with this style. Add a shaved side to a bob or a cropped hairstyle. This buzzcut is extremely fun, trendy and represents how fearless you really are.

stylish short hairstyles with waves
Chic waves on an angled bob haircut.

13. Layered Waves

This cut is perfect because it adds texture on hair that already has a natural wave. Adding layers helps develop shape.  

Which of these stylish short hairstyles are you ready to try in your 20s?


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