Bold Buzzcuts: 6 Ways to Take Your Shave to the Next Level

We've got the buzz on the best, bold looks you need to try

When it comes to creating a statement hairstyle, there’s no better way to amp up a look than bringing out the buzzer and going to work. Bold buzzcuts come in all shapes and sizes and are celebrated for their attention to detail and versatility. We understand that buzzcuts can be intimidating and a full commitment to the short-haired life.

But there are plenty of variations that allow you to maintain a longer length as the focal point of the style, too. What better time to experiment with a bold style than right now, in the comfort of your home? Here are some inspo styles we have curated so you can show your hairstylist what vibe you’re going for with your bold buzzcut:

6 Bold Buzzcuts for Women

1. Side Shave

bold buzz cuts side shave
A casual side shave for a fun surprise.

The gradual shave is a great way to add texture to your side shave and make the transition from your longer hair to your shortest buzz. This style looks extra intense when you add a ton of volume to your hair to contrast the transition to the clean shave. Pack on TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Boost Hold Level 3 to ensure that your hair doesn’t lose volume or make its way over to the other side of your head, covering your side shave.

2. Undercut

bold buzzcuts undercut
Clean lines are so satisfying.

This is the more “subtle” of the bold buzzcuts, as it provides the opportunity to conceal the shaved pattern with your hair. Create a sharp line to your undercut to make the reveal that much more exciting. This will give you more excuses to try new updos to expose your hidden pattern.

3. Buzzed with a Bold Updo

bold buzzcut braisa
Buzz off everything but the top, finish it with a fun updo.

Add a twist to the standard “man bun” buzzcut by giving your updo some style and texture. Try adding braids and gathering them into a baby ponytail, it will draw attention to your face and make the clean cut of your shave more apparent. If you don’t want to commit to many braids, try French braiding the top of your head instead.

4. Covered in Layers

bold buzzcuts layered

Go for a subtle, layered style to ease into the bold buzzcuts lifestyle. Buzzing underneath will give the impression of more volume and body to a layered style on top.

5. Slightly “Grown Out”

Bold buzzcuts grown out
Make it look worn in.

If the close shave is a little too intense for you, don’t do a complete buzz. Leaving your shave a little longer will give it a slightly “grown out” and worn-in look. This length of shave also allows you to buzz a larger patch of your head as it doesn’t leave the shaved area looking as bare.

6. Ombre

bold buzzcuts ombre
Add a pop of color to the style.

Add to any buzzcut style with a pop of color, like ombre. Adding a color will create some playfulness to counteract the intensity that bold buzzcuts can bring. In order to maintain that bright color payoff, wash your hair with the Suave Vivid Color Shampoo and Suave Vivid Color Conditioner. Both of these products will ensure your ombre stays put for as long as possible.



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