Instagroom Day 17: How to Buzz Cut Hair

A quick tutorial on how to buzz your hair at home. 


The buzz cut is one of those men’s haircuts that works on tons of different head shapes and are really easy to pull off. Plus, they are super easy to care for, which are some of the reasons why so many men opt for getting this cool/laid-back look. Seriously, who doesn’t want to spend more time sleeping in and less time styling their hair in the morning?

In today’s Instagroom series, Simran demonstrates how he creates the buzz cut look, thanks to some assistance from his girlfriend. Guys, we’re not saying you need your partner to help you out here, you don’t. You can totally create the buzz cut look yourself if you follow this easy hair tutorial. But, hey, if you do need a hand, ask for it! Read on to learn more about how to create a buzz cut and what hair care products you’ll need to style this look.

Tutorial: How to Create a Buzz Cut At Home


Shave hair from front to back.

To begin your buzz cut, start by shaving your hair from the front to the back. An extra hand can help ensure that your back is even during this step.




Shave side to side.

After shaving from front to back, it’s time to work on the sides. Glide your clippers from side to side to ensure you’ll get a clean and even buzz cut.



Follow your head shape.

Go back in with your clippers and follow the shape of your head. This step is important as you want your buzz cut to be even all around.


Apply product.

Some guys think they don’t need hair product if they have a buzz cut. That isn’t true. A lot of products are formulated to also help moisturize your scalp. Since your scalp is exposed with this type of haircut, it’s prone to dryness. Use a hair care product, like Axe Natural Look Softening Creamto massage your hair (what’s left of it, that is) and scalp.




Ed’s note: Other than wanting the look for its sexy and handsome appeal, a lot of men tend to get buzz cuts to handle their balding issues. This is a great option, but if you rather work with what you’ve got, you can also try your hand at learning how to style a receding hairline.