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How to Build a Natural Hair Regimen at Home

Pro-level care for those curls while we all #stayathome.

There are a lot of stereotypes about natural hair out there. Some say it’s hard to manage natural hair, When it comes to creating a natural hair routine, many people aren’t quite sure where to start. The truth is, developing a natural hair regimen might just be easier than you think. All it takes is getting to know your hair type, finding the right products, and confidently showing off the results!

Keep reading for some of our top tips for how to develop a natural hair regimen and get inspired by some of our favorite products for natural hair:

Build a Natural Hair Regimen

1. Cleanse your hair weekly or bi-weekly.

Getting to know your particular hair type will help you figure out your wash routine. Natural hair is more susceptible to dryness hair type, so it’s important to be careful not to over-wash your hair. Ideally, you will want to wash your hair once every two weeks with a hydrating shampoo and conditioning system. Try Suave Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo and Suave Moisturizing Curl Conditioner. This duo is specifically formulated for natural hair and will cleanse your scalp while adding loads of moisture back into your strands.

If your hair requires more frequent washing and you are worried about drying out your strands, try a cleansing conditioner. Love Beauty and Planet Purposeful Hydration Shea Butter & Sandalwood Gentle Cleansing Conditioner is one of our favorites because of how moisturizing the shea butter is for dryer hair types.

2. Be gentle.

After you’ve washed and conditioned your curls, very gently detangle them with a wide-toothed comb. Opt to leave your conditioner in your hair and skip the rinsing to make the detangling process even easier. Start at the bottom of your strands and slowly work your way up to your roots. Continue detangling until you can run your comb smoothly through your hair.

3. Find an effective leave-in conditioner.

An effective leave-in conditioner will help you achieve the bouncy and hydrated curls of your dreams. We recommend Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner for girls who are craving extra moisture. This leave-in conditioner is formulated with jojoba oil and its rich and creamy texture will leave your curls defined and shiny!

4. Moisturize often.

We cannot stress this enough: The hydration doesn’t ? stop ? there! ? Pay attention to your curls and add moisture to your hair as needed. Some will require an extra shot of moisture on a daily basis while others need it more often. An easy-to-use product like SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment is ideal for this. Spritz it onto damp or dry hair to hit your strands with a shot of ultra-hydrating coconut oil.

5. Talk to your stylist.

Even though we’re stuck at home and many are feeling a little helpless when it comes to haircuts and styling, you can still reach out to your stylist. This is not only a great way to support your stylist when they’re unable to do any in-person work, but also an effective way to tailor your routine to your specific needs. Talk to your stylist about product recommendations and styling tips and use a virtual payment app to thank them for their time!

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