Best Natural Hair Conditioner: What Conditioners to Use for Curl Hydration

Alyssa François | 03 January 2019
best natural hair conditioner

Say no to dry and parched curls.

If we took a poll on Twitter asking how many natural-haired women loved dry curls, we can assume the answer would be zero. There’s nothing beautiful about having dry, lifeless curls. In fact, if you allow your curls to stay in this condition, you’re building up the recipe for having damaged hair in the future. Implementing a product as simple as a good conditioner for natural hair can help you achieve moisturized and healthy-looking curls.

We encourage everyone to condition their hair whether their natural or not. The purpose of a hair conditioner is to condition and moisturize your hair after the shampoo process. Natural-haired women, in particular, should never skip the conditioning step since their hair is naturally dry and often needs constant moisturization. But as you probably guessed: not all conditioners are created equal. Some provide moisture during the conditioning process but once you rinse it out, it’s all gone. How to prevent this and prevent wasting your money? The solution is to find the best natural hair conditioner, one that will  provide deep moisture for a long period of time. Scroll below for a few of our favorites.

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best natural hair conditioner: curly hair
Add one of our best natural hair conditioner picks into your routine for hydrated and healthy curls.

1. TRESemmé Botanique Curl Hydration Conditioner

Although many of us know the downside of having color treated hair, there’s nothing like having a fresh dye job on your curlicues — if you’re into that. Having colored, curly hair is like adding salt to a wound. Your hair is already naturally dry, and the color just makes the situation worse! What do you do in this case? Add a conditioner into your routine that is safe for color-treated hair like this one from the TRESemmé Botanique range. The formula is paraben and dye free, hydrates and nourishes curls restoring its natural strength and definition and bonus points: Your hair will be left smelling like notes of pomelo, hibiscus and peony, vanilla and cashmere wood. Who doesn’t love scented and hydrated curls?


2. Dove Absolute Curls Ultra Nourishing Conditioner

The best conditioners for natural hair will not only lure you in with buzzwords like “hydration” and “moisture,” they will live up to their claims as well. You can’t always believe the hype at first glance. Turn the bottle around and look for key details. Is it infused with ingredients that help with moisture? Is it made for curly hair types? These are the kinds of things you want to look for. This is why we love this conditioner by Dove! It deeply hydrates and helps with definition just like it says.


3. Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing Conditioner

You can get away with using a conditioner that isn’t specifically for curly hair types, but still works to condition and hydrate dry hair. This conditioner from the Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing collection does everything a curly haired gal wants and more. The formula replenishes moisture in your hair strands and controls frizz, leaving your hair soft and smooth to the touch. Why this made our best conditioner for natural hair list? The range is infused with avocado and olive oil — two ingredients that many women with natural hair love to use as conditioners. If you’re not one for creating your own conditioners at home, opt for this conditioner instead.



4. TIGI Copyright Custom Care Moisture Conditioner

Want to get salon results in the comfort of your own home? This conditioner is for you. For best results, use it with the entire system. This conditioner smooths and softens hair while hydrating your strands. It is also known to make the hair more manageable and vibrant, protecting hair against external aggressors.


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