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What’s In My Hair Today: Suave Avocado + Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioning Cream

Taking the avocado love to a whole new level. #SuavocadoBeliever

Before you ask, there will not be a similar post on Eggs Benedict, iced coffee, or pumpkin spice (but mostly because we already covered the latter, so hah.). But yes, eyerolls aside, just like most of you unapologetic, city-brunching, leggings-wearing gyals, I am obsessed with avocado in all its iterations: sliced, diced and julienned, sitting pretty atop my Brooklyn artisanal café toast (literally the best thing since, you know, ordinary sliced bread). I grew up in Manila where avocado wasn’t as big a thing (“it looks like… a fruit?”), and any other aisle produce I came across most certainly did not make smart, reasonable women lose their marbles, much less rave to the point that they all Just Couldn’t Even. But inundated with all avocado everything here in New York City, and I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed nature’s snake oil. It at least keeps me—a non-vegetarian by any stretch—satisfied, ~on-trend~ and, perhaps most compellingly, feeling healthy, and like I actually canceled out that spontaneous tequila binge from the night before. #selfesteemhacks

Suave Avocado: Extra Awesome

no poo leave-in conditioners: suave avocado+olive oil

On a completely related note (pinky swear), we cut to today, where this superfood and now wünderkind ingredient has taken the entire beauty world by storm. It’s even snuck its way onto my current rotation of my Most Fave Things To Put In My Hair Ever, via a sweet-smelling leave-on with the consistency of a light cream. Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Cream is one of the newest members of our Suave roster, and made it just in the nick of time too! Meant as the punctuation mark to the smoothness brought on by the shampoo and conditioner of the same line, the leave-in easily does what it promises the moment you apply it onto damp strands: keep hair smooth and comfortably blanketed in hydration for up to three days. Three whole days, in a city that even has a name for how it changes things up by the minute. And I haven’t even gone into the frizz protection brought on by this lightweight yet overachieving cream, which boasts protection even in 95% humidity. Like, it will help your hair behave—especially on those gross, muggy days in between summer and not summer, 30 seconds before a torrential downpour. Yes, you will actually look pretty in these situations, and if you’re a straight-to-happy-hour kinda girl, you will now not go into any place with hair that’s nothing short of done. I am blown away. I just can’t even.

My fave foolproof way to use it: squeezing a tiny (i.e. a dot works on my fine, bra-length hair) amount onto my palms and running my hands from the lengths to the ends, avoiding the root. After combing it through to refine, I then proceed to blow-dry, and am now confident I can take on the day. Or three whole days—a whole, entire weekend, in New York-speak, and unlike your run-of-the-mill sangria brunch, this is just too cool to not rave about.

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