adding shea butter to haircare routine

Why Shea Butter Deep Conditioner is Perfect for Your Hair Pampering Sessions

We're loving this cozy, super-emollient natural conditioner.

You’ve probably come across many hair products lately that are infused with shea butter. Shea butter deep conditioner for hair, also great for use on skin, has quickly become a buzzword over the years. Many women use shea butter for hair to protect and nourish their strands.

While the butter, which comes from the shea karité tree, has many uses, there are ways in which you should go about using it to reap the most benefits. We’re giving you tips on how you use it in the most popular ways, so read on as we explain why you should be using shea butter on your hair and how exactly to do so in the best way possible:

Shea Butter for Hair: How to Use It and Why

Shea butter is known for being a natural conditioner for hair. The substance can deeply moisturize your locks. This is nothing new: For years, women have used shea butter to care for their hair, especially women in Africa, where the shea butter nut is derived.

Using shea butter as a deep conditioner

Now it may seem that all you have to do is apply a chunk of shea butter onto your hair to create your hair moisturizer, but there’s an easier way to utilize the product. Shea butter is solid at room temperature. Put a chunk of shea butter in a bowl and into your microwave to melt it or in a pot over your stove. Allow the shea butter to cool before applying it to your hair to avoid scalding.

You can either apply the melted shea butter to your conditioner and apply the mixture to your hair, or you can use the shea butter alone in its full, undiluted form. Whichever you choose, coat your hair with the butter and allow it to sit on your hair for 10-15 minutes with a shower cap over your hair to help trap moisture. After deep conditioning, rinse it out thoroughly. For fine and oily hair types, we recommend rinsing with a bit of shampoo to help remove any excess weight on your strands.

shea butter for hair: conditioner
Mix shea butter with your conditioner to create a D.I.Y. deep conditioner.

Shea butter for hair products

Alternatively, you can just use a hair product infused with shea butter. Our favorite one to use is Suave Professionals Almond+Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. This moisturizing wash and care system is infused with almond and shea butter, both known for their rich emollient properties. The formula found in this system replenishes moisture in the strand, leaving it feeling nourished and hydrated. If you want a deeper treatment, you can try Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask. This moisture mask is ideal for people with very dry hair, as it deeply replenishes hair with moisture.

Shea butter as a heat protectant

We spoke about natural heat protectants in oil form that we love to use. You can also use shea butter as a heat protectant on your hair. Since it’s pretty heavy, you only need about a dime-sized amount or even smaller. Apply it all over your hair before using your heat styling tools to provide your hair with protection from heat.



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