Cleansing Conditioner: When to Wash Hair with a Conditioner Only

Insight on why you should be co-washing your hair.

It may be safe to say that the demand for cleansing conditioner products increased when women with curly hair and super dry hair types realized that washing hair with a conditioner (also known as co-washing) helps to refresh and rehydrate their naturally dry hair. Why would one want to wash with a conditioner? For the simple fact that conditioners, especially those that are formulated with moisturizing agents, hydrate each strand without removing any moisture like a traditional shampoo would.

Over the years, companies have created cleansing conditioners that both hydrate and clean the hair eliminating the need of a shampoo. However, not all cleansing conditioners completely rid the hair of dirt. There are some women who prefer to still use a shampoo to cleanse their hair before their conditioning process, but when it comes to re-moisturizing they do opt for the popular co-washing method.

Now, whether or not you want to use a cleansing conditioner instead of a regular conditioner is totally up to you. We just want to highlight the benefits of washing your hair with a conditioner for the days you need a boost of moisture. The co-washing method can be done with just about any conditioner but it’s better to look for those that really hydrate your hair.

cleansing conditioner curly hair
Rehydrate your hair in-between washes with a conditioner.

Conditioners like Dove Cool Moisture Conditioner and Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Deep Moisture Conditioner are great to use as co wash conditioners as they both work to hydrate dry hair. The Dove conditioner has formula that locks in moisture leaving you with soft, silky and hydrated hair. The Suave conditioner on the other hand is infused with coconut milk which is known for its nourishing benefits, and drenches dry hair with deep moisture.

How to Use a Co Wash Conditioner

To figure out how you’re going to use a co-wash conditioner on your hair, think about when you start to notice that your hair feels parched. Some women notice by mid or end of week their curls tend to feel dry. Considering that curly hair types should refrain from washing hair too often with a shampoo (bi-weekly is ideal), washing hair with a conditioner is a great idea.

If you have fine hair, look for conditioners that are light-weight. Your best bet is to stick to conditioners that help volumize or thicken your hair texture. Nexxus Diametress Conditioner is one of the best conditioners to co wash with in-between washes as the formula seals in lightweight nourishment while thickening your hair at the same time.

When it comes to the washing process, it’s really simple. You can begin by applying the conditioner all over your hair, then rinsing it out, or saturate your hair with water, apply conditioner and allow it to sit for a few minutes then rinse. You want to co-wash your hair at least once a week in between hair washes. If the event you don’t have time or the patience for co-washing, you can always re-moisturize hair with a leave-in conditioner instead.

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