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Editor’s Choice: I Sated My Thirsty Hair with Vegan Collagen and Coconut Oil

The perfect formula to fight hair dryness.

My dry, thirsty hair desperately needed moisture and hydration, especially now that summer was upon us. Before I indulged in salt water and chlorine, I knew I had to start preparing my super dry strands, and that’s when I came across vegan collagen. Collagen is one of beauty’s greatest friends since it allows the body to absorb proteins. As we know, hair is made of proteins and needs them to grow strong and healthy.

Why Vegan Collagen and Coconut Oil are the Answer for Thirsty Hair

The Love Beauty and Planet Ultra Deep Hydration Shampoo
The Love Beauty and Planet Ultra Deep Hydration Shampoo

That’s when I stumbled upon a recommendation that piqued my interest— Love Beauty and Planet Ultra Deep Hydration Shampoo and Love Beauty and Planet Ultra Deep Hydration Conditioner. For instance, this incredible duo formulated with sulfate-free coconut oil & vegan collagen shampoo has hydrated my dry hair. What I love the most about this system is that it aligns with vegan values and provides the nourishment it craves, helping it regain its bounce and shine. Intrigued by the possibility of a hair transformation, I decided to give it a go.


First, this unique hair system is designed to quench the thirst of even the driest strands, delivering intense moisture that revitalizes your hair. How does it achieve such results? Infusing your locks with natural vegan collagen and coconut oil works its magic from root to tip, infusing your locks with nourishment.

But that’s not all—for example, this system goes above and beyond regarding environmental responsibility. With its 100% biodegradable formula, it not only takes care of your hair but also takes care of our planet. In addition, the product has a list of impressive credentials: sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, and dye-free. You can rest assured knowing that your hair is treated with the utmost care, free from harmful chemicals that can damage and strip away your hair’s natural color and vibrancy. And let’s remember our furry friends! The Love Beauty and Planet Ultra Deep Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner are vegan and proudly endorsed by PETA for their safe and respectable animal practices. Additionally, this product is a safe and effective choice, no matter your hair type or if you’ve treated your tresses to a burst of color.

How Am I Liking My Former Thirsty Hair Now

I decided to test this product for two weeks before giving my honest review. Here are my before and after results!

Love Planet Shampoo

I was delighted to see a remarkable transformation in my hair’s appearance and condition! Its shine and vibrancy were visibly restored, while the frizziness and pesky flyaways had significantly reduced since I started using the product. Now my hair feels incredibly soft, as if I’ve just blow-dried it, and the dry, crunchy texture is a thing of the past.

However, through my experience with the product, I discovered the importance of quantity. My hair was dehydrated, but I also had an oily scalp. Since this product is deeply hydrating, I learned that using a smaller amount of shampoo was ideal for my hair and scalp. This allowed my strands to heal without leaving my head feeling greasy or weighed down.

Overall, I’ve concluded that the Love Beauty and Planet Ultra Deep Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner is a miracle product that is a must-have for all damaged hair or anyone who wishes to glow up quickly! Thanks for reading, and check out our page for more articles and reviews like this!

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