Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo

Is It Right For Me?

Waking up with the scent of cucumber and green tea can give you a blissfully relaxed start to your morning. That’s why Dove Nourishing Rituals Cool Moisture Shampoo helps ease you into your day with this soothing fragrance, as well as giving you nourished, silky smooth hair that’s protected from dryness.

Combining a soothing cucumber and green tea fragrance with our Nutritive Serum, Dove Nourishing Rituals Cool Moisture Shampoo is a nourishing, moisturizing shampoo that gives you smooth, silky hair wash after wash. Its gentle, lightweight formula locks in essential moisture without weighing your hair down, giving you a stress-free good hair day.

Top Tip

Every time you use this Dove shampoo, it progressively nourishes your hair from root to tip, so that it gives you smooth and silky hair wash after wash.

How To Use

To use, gently massage this Dove shampoo into your wet hair, enjoying the creamy lather and soothing fragrance, and then rinse. For best results, use daily and follow up with our Nourishing Rituals Cool Moisture Conditioner.

Ease into your day as you wash your hair with this Dove shampoo. Its cucumber and green tea scent soothes the senses and helps you have a relaxing morning.