5 Actually Hot Hairstyles for Balding Men

What have you got to lose?

Hair loss… what a bummer. It’s an inevitable occurrence that plagues everyone at one point in our lives, some earlier than others. What’s worse, premature balding has also become an issue for scores of men and women these days due to numerous factors. Genetics, illness, life events and even stress come into play, making balding one of the most ubiquitous and frustrating hair issues to deal with.

While we are coming along in the science of fully understanding (and, crossing fingers, reversing) hair loss, there are some ways we can hack our way around Mother Nature. Although not quite the revolutionary solution, finding hairstyles that work with what you have is better than not leaving the house at all or worse—desperately clinging on to those sad little vestiges! Scroll down for some hairstyle options for balding dudes that are actually, dare we say, kinda hot:

5 Hot Hairstyles for Balding Men to Try

cool hairstyles for balding men pink buzzcut
Buzzcuts are no-nonsense. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

1. Buzzcut fade

It may sound like an oxymoron, but a super-short fade that starts off as a longer buzzcut on top, then blends into a skin fade at your neckline, is actually really flattering. Guys who are experiencing an allover thinning of hair (and no actual patches of obvious balding) can mimic some fullness with a buzzcut fade. Want to take the extra step? Dyeing hair a lighter color can lessen the contrast between your hair and your forehead, making any receding hairlines less harsh.

cool hairstyles for balding men temple fade
The temple fade tricks the eye around those devil’s horns.

2. Temple fade

If your “devil’s horns” (a.k.a. the two receding bumps above each temple) are coming in, try out a temple fade. This haircut thins out specifically where the tip of each “horn” starts, blending it more seamlessly into the rest of your hair—it evens out the hairline, making the recessed areas less obvious. It also actually makes the thinning look deliberate and kinda stylish too, which is always the goal. Bonus: It’s wash and wear!

cool hairstyles for balding men combover
A curly combover breaks up that hairline. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Curled combover

Another option for allover thinning and a widening forehead is the updated combover. Its predecessor gets a bad rap—mostly because there are men who’ve been known to push its limits—but for men who are experiencing premature balding seen via a lack in hair density plus some thinning on the hairline, it’s a great look to take for a spin. Ask your barber for a clean cut on the back and sides (usually a #3 or #4 clipper guard, see our barbershop guide for more details) with the hairline slightly longer, but not by too much. The trick is to keep the top long enough so it naturally curls (or falls, if your hair is straight) to one side, but still look tight and compact.

cool hairstyles for balding men
A square cut plus some badass facial hair forgives a multitude of sins. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Close crop

If your hair is too straight for a textured look, and you’re not quite ready for a buzzcut or a fade, try the gentleman’s option: the close crop. Like the curled combover, it uses around a #3 to #4 clipper guard on the sides and back, with the top trimmed using a point-cutting method (where your barber holds the scissors at an angle while snipping), which is a technique that helps add fullness. This is another wash-and-wear look that’s also spiffy enough for the office. Ed’s note: It’s also super-sexy with facial hair, just saying.

cool hairstyles for balding men caesar
Thinning on the sides but not on top? Get a Caesar. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. The Caesar

Another option for guys who lose hair on the temples and sides but still have some heft on the crown is the Caesar cut (yes, it’s a haircut with bangs, but hear us out.). Once big in the 1990s, this look is similar to a temple fade, but leaves more length up top. Men with wavy to curly hair textures can pull off this look the easiest, as that micro-fringe on your forehead requires a bit of texture for that tousled, blended-in look—it’s actually a really short bowl-cut, and hides a receding hairline quite effectively.

Want more options before shaving it all off? Check out more hairstyle ideas for thinning hair.

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