11 Short Haircuts for Summer

Short chop inspiration coming at ya!

Summer is the perfect time to try out short haircuts. If not to beat the heat alone, short haircuts are a low-commitment and easy way to lose some length and try out a new style. If it’s your first time going short, this can be a daunting hair experience as you decide the specifics of your new cut. For some instant inspiration, we’ve rounded up a collection of short hairstyles that we think will make this process just a little bit easier. Get ready to live on shorter side of things with these fun short haircuts for summer.

Short Haircuts for Summer

short haircuts two tone
Chop off your hair and go for a two-toned super short cut this summer.

1. Two-toned short hair

If you have darker hair and lighter on the top, go for this cool summer haircut. As a modern day bowl cut (but way cooler, we swear!), you’ll loose the weight of your hair with a focus of length on the top part of your hair.

short haircuts shaved sides
Keep the length on one side of your face where you shave sides.

2. Shaved sides

We love the one-side shaved hair look. For the summer this will be seriously liberating as you chop off so much length, focusing your part on one side of your face. Plus, that shaven look will look so fierce and have you out of the house in minutes!

summer haircuts flipped hair
Focus on a volumious short cut for the summer.

3. Volumious short hair

If you are all about volume, then this is the perfect look for you. Opt for a cut that takes off length along the sides of your hair as you focus on more lift and body towards the front. For even more volume, use a volumizing hair care system like the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo and Pre-Wash Conditioner.  This formula is designed to soften hair, then leave it full of bounce!

 short haircuts wavy
A wavy top is a super chic look for summer.

4.  Wavy top

Yes, those with wavy hair can go short. And you may even find that by losing length, you’ll feel less overall heaviness in your hair. We love the one-side long length with a shorter back, allowing you to play with your part and texture throughout the summer.

summer haircut bob
The bob haircut will never go out of style!

5. Classic bob

For some the classic bob haircut is that perfect in-between cut. If you don’t want to go that short but really want to lose some length, this is definitely the look for you! Opt for a one-length bob or an angled cut if you are up for the maintenance.

summer haircut above shoulder
If you want some length to your hair, the above the shoulder chop might be perfect for you!

6. Above the shoulder chop

A degree above the bob is the shoulder chop. This cut give you overall length as it takes the weight off your shoulder. Go for this style if you’re the type of person that still wants to create hairstyles like updos and even small braids on their hair.


summer haircut classic short
The classic short cut is so versatile and really great on straight hair.

7. Classic short

This classic look will give you some length throughout your hair. Add in some natural layering to elongate your face.

blonde hair ideas medium blonde

8. Above the ears

This look is great for those with thin hair as you add volume to your hair with short layers. You can also play with the length by adding flips alongside your face for a modern update.

short haircuts teeny weeny afro
One of our favorite look on natural hair-the teeny weeny afro.

9. Teeny weeny afro

By now you must know of our love of the teeny weeny afro! This modern look lets you embrace your natural hair with an updated look for summer. Another favorite for this look is to add some color to brighten things up a bit.

short haircuts curly hair
Curls and short hair do mix!

10. Big all-over curls

Just like wavy hair, short hair and curls can work. Don’t let anyone tell you differently! Seriously this big all-over look is amazing. You’ll be able to embrace your natural volume and bounce will losing some weight that tends to acclimate on your shoulders.

short summer haircuts shaved crop
All over shaven hair is awesome for summer. Photo credit: Dvora.

11. All-over shaven look

If you want to take the side shaven look up a notch, go for an all-over shaven look. This focusses on the top part of your hair as the sides and the back are completely bare. Fierce and on-point, we adore this look for summer.

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