8 Tips For Growing Out Short Hair

It's time to get growing. 

Growing out short hair can be a lengthy process. It’s like your hair is growing up, there will be awkward phases, and times when it just won’t do what you want. However, in the end, you get the hair of your dreams. Whether you are growing out regrettable bangs, outgrown your pixie cut, or don’t have access to a salon right now, read on for tips on growing out short hair.

Visit the Salon Early and Often for Growing out Short Hair

growing out short hair
Rock a shorter style with your thin hair.

First things first: You need to tell your hairdresser that you want to grow out your hair. Think of it as your hair vent session where you can express your grievances as they can help you through the growing out process. Plus, they’ll tell you how important it is to get trims regularly especially if you are growing out a pixie cut because it can go from a cute shaggy pixie to a mullet in just a few days.

Plan How You Let Your Hair Grow

It can be tempting to just let everything grow all at the same time. But all of your hair doesn’t grow at the same rate over your whole head. Also, the hair on the top of your head has a longer way to go to reach your shoulders than the hair at the nape of your neck. Allowing the front and top sections of your hair to grow first will make things even in the long run. Keeping the back shorter as the front grows out gives you tons of styling options. Try curling the front sections or make a sleek side-swept style with the Emerge Style Goals Gel.

Snip Your Hair into a Bob

growing out short hair bob
You have endless styling options when your hair reaches this length.

Once you have grown the front parts of your hair long enough, let the back catch up and head to the hairdressers for a swingy bob. Bob hairstyles are super cute and once you have reached bob length the world’s your oyster for styling your hair. Having a bob also means your hair is more or less one length so it needs trims less often.

Lay off the Heat

Heat can be damaging to your hair. When you do heat styling, be sure to always prep with a heat protectant, like the TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray. But laying off the straighteners and curling irons for a couple of days will do your hair a lot of good. Just remember, fried, split ends need to be trimmed which slows down the growing process. When growing out short hair, you’ve got to protect it!

Don’t Forget Your Hair Mask

To strengthen your hair and to help combat fried ends (which can lead to breakage), use a hair mask at least once a week, like the Nexxus Humectress Moisture Restoring Masque. This rich formula works to instantly hydrate the hair, leaving it nourished.

Get Oily

This time with your nutrition instead of hair masks. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids (think salmon, walnuts, chia seeds, and soybeans) can help your hair from the inside out. A healthy diet helps your whole system work better and delivers the nutrients your scalp needs to stay appropriately hydrated and healthy.

Chill Out

We know, easier said than done. Stress can literally make your hair fall out which won’t help you as you try growing out short hair. Keeping your stress levels in check is just good for you in general. You can relieve stress by exercising, and some believe that the increased circulation to your scalp from exercise helps hair grow faster.

Fake it Till You Make it

growing out short hair extensions
Use extensions to get through the growing process.

When the going gets tough, why not try out a new hairstyle or even some hair extensions? When your hair is in the awkward in-between stages of growing out, it can be tempting to just chop it back off. Adding in a few layers of extensions can help ease the transition, not to mention help you to practice styling long hair, which will happen sooner than you think.

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