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Treat Your Strands Right with These 10 Hair Growth Tips

We see healthy hair in your future.

Have you ever gotten a haircut that didn’t quite live up to what you envisioned? We’ve totally been there (hello, angular bangs!), restlessly searching for hair growth tips to grow out our hair. Sadly, there’s no magic formula to growing hair. You won’t be able to grow your hair by taking a pill or using a special shampoo (or any other promising concoction). We know, it’s such a bummer. However, there are some tips and tricks that we can all incorporate into our hair care regimen to help your locks look stronger and feel nourished. Read on to discover 10 really easy ways you incorporate some of these ideas into your own routine.

Hair Growth Tips and Advice

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Treat your strands right to encourage healthy hair.

1. Massage your scalp.

Relieve some of your daily stresses by giving yourself a gentle head massage. Place a small amount of your favorite hair oil into the palm of your hands and work it into your hair, slowly massaging your scalp. This stimulation helps to keep your scalp feeling happy and it’s really satisfying after a long day!

2. Gently brush your hair.

Harsh tugging and pulling at your locks is one of the worst things you can do when you want to retain hair length or reduce breakage. As well as using a gentle hand, trade-in your regular brush for one with soft bristles (we adore boar bristle brushes). Not only are these a great way to detangle your hair, these brushes can also work to stimulate your scalp and evenly distribute your natural hair oils, resulting in healthier-looking locks.

3. Use a vitamin-rich wash and care system.

Whether you’re die-hard about bleaching your hair or have virgin hair, one thing’s for sure: your hair needs to be nourished. To help care for your hair, use a vitamin-rich wash and care system that’s designed especially for your hair type. Designed to work as a unit, you’ll see the benefits of how specific shampoos and conditioners (when used consistently), can work to make your hair look and feel healthier.

4. Stay away from stress.

We know this one is easier said than done, but stress wreaks havoc on our entire body, including our hair. Improving your all-round well-being will help you look and feel healthier (hair included), so find some you time where you shut out the world by doing yoga, reading a book or simply going for a walk.

5. Use a nourishing hair mask.

Even your hair needs some T.L.C. Give your hair some extra love by incorporating a hair mask into your weekly routine. Hair masks contain nutrients and vitamins that work to add moisture and hydration to your locks, helping your hair to feel healthier. Plus, they can make your hair look shiny and feel smooth! We especially love the Nexxus Humectress Step 2 Moisture Restoring Masque, a formula that’s enriched with concentrated Elastin Protein and a precious Caviar Complex, this rich and creamy formula intensely moisturizes hair for balance.

6. Avoid ponytails.

Look, we know it’s not practical to completely give your up your beloved ponytail. But hear us out: instead of tight updo that can cause tension for your tresses (and in some cases, hair breakage), opt for loose styles or a cloth-lined hair tie, which can reduce the friction and stress of pulling and tugging at your locks.

7. Have sweet dreams on a silk pillow.

This is a newer tip in our hair care arsenal, and one that our team of editors can personally vouch for. Switching your regular cotton pillowcase for a silk version reduces the friction on your hair, thanks to silk’s naturally smoother surface. The effects? Well, it won’t help your hair to grow, but it can help your locks to look and feel smoother.

8. Visit your hairdresser often.

This one can be the most challenging one to stick with, especially since it seems counterproductive to cut your locks when you’re trying to grow them out. But getting regular trims (around every four to six weeks) helps to keep split ends at bay which reduces the likelihood of hair breakage. For you, that means healthier-looking hair!

9. Ease up on towel drying.

We’re not suggesting you drip dry all evening here, but beware that vigorously rubbing your tresses with a towel when you step out of the shower can cause damage to your hair. Remember: hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet! Instead, use a cotton towel to gently pat down your hair, and try the the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-in Conditioner to help protect and nourish your strands.

10. Chill out with heat styling.

Are blowdryers, flat irons and curling wands all a part of your normal hair care arsenal? While looking polished is always in, over time, too much heat styling can cause your hair to become dry and damaged. Of course, giving up the heat isn’t that easy: we suggest getting blow outs for special occasions or opting for a lower setting during any heat styling season. And always – always! – use a heat protectant to help shield your locks. Try TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray whose formula can help protect your strands from heat as it leaves it soft and manageable.

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