Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Cool Quiff Curly Hair: 5 Easy Styles to Try

Here's how to take your quiff to the next level!

Quiffs make a perfect style for the trendsetting man who wants a look that is both unexpected and daring. So, if you are someone who is growing bored with your pompadour or undercut looks, this is a perfect workday and weekend style. While quiffs can be worn sleek and straight, adding a little curl into the mix gives your style some sexy texture. For some major styling inspiration, here are five quiff curly hair ideas to try.

5 Ways To Style Quiff Curly Hair

Quiff curly hair can be worn long and full of texture.
A long curly quiff is sexy and playful. Photo credit:

1. Long Curly Quiff

If your length is on the longer side, some styling gel can be extra helpful in achieving that long curly quiff style. To get this low maintenance look, use the Axe Spiked Up-Look: Extreme Hold Gel to help mold your curls into a longer mop top style. This helps thinner hair types achieve a fuller and thicker look that can be easily worn at work, or during weekend activities.

Quiff curly hair can also be worn short.
Piling your hair on the top gives your style a natural and textured finish. Photo credit:

2. Short Curly Quiff

But if your quiff is more on the shorter side, piling your hair on the top gives your style a natural and textured finish. Again, hair gel is a key element to this look, so you’ll want to work in a quarter size amount of product into your curls, for best results. To get a fashion-forward finish, use your gel to create a playful faux bang at the front of your forehead. Finish with some styling spray to keep your style in place all day long.

Need a new hair regimen?
Quiff curly hair can look wavy and full of movement.
Added beachy texture keeps your quiff fresh and exciting!

3. Curly Wavy Look

If your curl looks more like a wave, air-drying your quiff can help deliver some beachy texture to your look. While this makes for a naturally sexy look, adding in some texturizing products helps take your style to a whole new level. For an extra dose of texture and volume, use the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax to get that effortless windswept look. Finish with some long-wear hairspray to keep moisture and humidity from ruining your look.

Play up your quiff curly hair with the right products
Use some gel or pomade to play up your quiff curly hairstyle. Photo credit:

4. Pumped Up Quiff

A modern quiff usually looks clean and polished, but adding in some curls offers a fun twist on the dapper style. To get this trendy look, use a good pomade, wax, or styling gel product to playfully spike up the top part of your cut. Finish with a good hairspray to keep frizz and flyaways under control.

Quiff curly hair proves to be a low maintenance look
Wet curly quiffs help you embrace your natural texture, without taking too much time to style. Photo credit:

5. Wet Curly Quiff

Allowing you to skip out on the heat styling tools, wet curly quiffs help you embrace your natural texture, without taking too much time to style. To create this look in under 20 minutes, start by applying the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Gel onto your damp hair, and part to the side with a fine-tooth comb. To get that slick curl effect, use the gel to roll your curls into a playful style near the forehead area. Finish with a good styling spray for maximum hold.

Need more quiff curly hair ideas? Check out how to style your quiff for work!

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