15 Best Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2019

For fans of the undercut, slicked back finishes take this hairstyle to even more dapper territories.

Dapper, well groomed and a fave of stylish dudes the world over, the slicked back undercut has quickly skyrocketed in status during the past couple of years. What first began as the trademark look of hipster barbers has now become a classic in its own right. Celebs, athletes, DJs, singers, models, your friendly neighborhood barista—well, let’s just say you’d be hard pressed to turn any corner these days and not find an iteration of this popular haircut. Scroll on down and see why this style is always a winner:

1. Clean and Smooth

slicked back undercut clean and smooth
Use some pomade to help get that polish.

The classic brush back looks extra volumized when the sides are nearly clean-shaven.

2. Grown Out

grown out slicked back undercut
Try blasting your roots with a blowdryer for an extra dose of volume.

And even when they’re a bit grown in, you can still achieve a dapper feel with the right pomade. We like how a few swipes of Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick Pomade gives hold and shine, but without the grease.

3. Shaven with Beard

shaven with beard slicked back undercut
Don’t forget those sideburns!

Achieve that crucial high-low balance with fully shaven sides and a thick, proper beard.

4. Gelled Fade

gelled fade slicked back undercut
Natural textures do better with a gel for control. Photo credit: Dvora

Curly and natural textures can also achieve the slicked-back feel with some gel (try Dove Men+Care Control Gel), and a hard parting courtesy of clippings on the sides.

5. Slick Undercut Fade

slick undercut fade slicked back undercut
Leave the tops noticeably longer if you want that telltale floppy undercut look.

Ask your barber to leave the tops around five inches longer while fading the back and sides for a true undercut look.

6. High Fade

high fade slicked back undercut
Keep those edges polished and gelled down to avoid any cowlicks.

A glorious handlebar mustache ties this whole hipster-barbershop look—sleek high fade, full beard—together.

7. Long Undercut

long undercut slicked back undercut
Use a blowdryer and a round brush for more volume and lift.

Use some cream (try AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream) after the shower to give hair some lift while blow-drying.

8. Man Bun

man bun slicked back undercut
Gel down the base, and use a neutral-colored hair tie in formal situations.

Tie off a long-enough undercut into a high knot during times you can’t deal with all that extra hair.

9. Medium Fade

medium undercut slicked back undercut
This look is one of the easier undercuts to grow out.

Want a less harsh option? Go for a medium fade, which features a more subtle step between the tops and sides.

10. Sharp and Sleek

sharp and sleek slicked back undercut
Mind your notches, or the shaven angles at the temples. Photo credit: Dvora

Another go-to look is to keep the front of the hair gelled, then brushed straight back using a fine-toothed comb.

11. Angled

angled slicked back undercut
Apply gel, then refine with a brush or comb.

Combing gelled hair upwards at an angle is a more flattering choice for some men, particularly those with high or wide foreheads.

12. Volumized

volumized slick back undercut
Concentrate air flow at the root and tug hair upwards while drying.

If your forehead isn’t an issue for you, you can also opt for the anti-slicked back undercut, or one that’s poufy at the root using a blowdryer and maybe some mousse.

13. Whitewalled

whitewalled slicked back undercut
Get some spiky ends in to edge up your look.

Guys who are confident with how their bare scalps look can go for an almost full shave on the sides.

14. Widow’s Peak

widow's peak slicked back undercut
Split the main hairline by creating a side part.

A neat slick back undercut with a small side parting helps soften a receding hairline or a widow’s peak that’s starting to become more prominent.

15. Undercut Ponytail

undercut ponytail slicked back undercut
A study in extremes, but tied together by well groomed edges (plus an awesome yeard).

If you want a super long version of an undercut slicked back ponytails are another way to wear the look. Try styling your top lengths into a pony and keep the rest of the back and sides neatly trimmed.

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