How to Style an Undercut Ponytail (You Know You Want To!)

Have the best of both worlds.

Wearing an undercut ponytail is a statement, no doubt. It says you’re subversive but practical; trendy, but know how to get down to business (and not let your hair get in the way). That said, we appreciate the daring gentlemen who are confident enough to sport this look. Those who take it one step further—you’ll see what we mean in a minute—get top marks in our book.

So how exactly does a guy style around a long-ish undercut? As the post suggests, we’ll break down how to turn that undercut ponytail into a look that you’ll find works with both day to night, and for both formal and casual occasions. It’s the details that count after all! Let’s get to it:

undercut ponytail knot
Make sure your undercut is long enough for a proper pony or a knot. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Have enough length.

An undercut ponytail, first and foremost, should not be a “punytail.” That just tends to look messy and haphazard, like you just couldn’t bother putting in some product. Hair should be at least a decent 6 to 8 inches in length for a proper ponytail or knot.

2. Know how to do a ponytail and a knot.

Some men like to sport this look with an actual ponytail—if you’re on this team, it’s usually best done with a slicked-back, wet-look base (try a shine pomade like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick), so the effect is sleek, kind of devilish, even a bit European. If you’re going for a more casual, younger look, try a knot instead. Don’t fully pull hair through at your last loop, and leave a bit of the ends sticking out.

3. Tend to your sides.

Having an undercut means there is a definite contrast in length with your sides and back and the top of your head. Depending on the look you’re going for (clean vs. kinda gritty/street), make sure your edges are faded just the right way. Not gonna lie: There is a bit of upkeep to consider if you want your undercut really crisp and well-defined; otherwise, be ready for your sides to stick out a bit till you A, shave them back down, or B, grow them out to catch up to your top lengths.

4. Mix and match.

Some days, you may want to rock the undercut ponytail in its full glory (the gym, work, out with the guys, during sports, etc.). Other times, you want the full swag appeal of a floppy, loose undercut. A good rule of thumb to follow: If unfettered eye contact or concentration is a must (such as speaking to a client at work, running a mile on the treadmill, while driving), work that pony to the hilt. Otherwise, feel free to let loose and explore the possibilities that your undercut has to offer—you got this fun, trendy look for a reason after all, no sense in not letting those lengths out to play every once in a while!

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