Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

11 Best Long Undercuts and Hair Products for Men

Learn how to style (and someday, transition out of) a long hair undercut with these cool, wearable options.

Still, got that long undercut flow, but are you running out of ways to wear it? Yeah, working with a hairstyle with two drastically different lengths can get frustrating, especially when it reaches that dreaded growing-out stage—then things just get awkward and spiky, and you don’t really know whether to go for a shave again or just wait for it. And in the meantime, you’re left with this hedgehog-esque pouf, which can get even more unmanageable and annoying, particularly on straight hair. Check out this guide on the best hair product for an undercut and 11 best undercuts for men

One of the best things about a long undercut is its versatility, and just in case you lost touch with the many other ways to wear it while it’s going through its stages, we did it for you. We’d really hate to see this edgy trend go out of style, so scroll on:

1. Comb-Over Long Undercut for Men

long undercut comb over
The updated comb-over is corporate-cool.

Old versions of this “dad” look might have sustained a bad rap, but this modern update is sleek, smooth, and even kind of sexy. Use pomade (we like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick) to slick your hair down to one side and comb it to refine it.

Need a new hair regimen?

2. Half-Up Knot Undercut

 half up knot long undercut
Tie up the long parts and leave the side gelled for a more groomed look. Photo credit: Dvora

For dudes who are smack in the middle of this in-between stage where hair is neither here nor there, a half-up topknot can get you through the worst of times. Some firm-hold gel on the sides, like AXE Adrenaline Spiked Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel, can help tame down any spikes.

3. Barbershop Fade Undercut

barbershop fade
Easy to style and even easier to transition out of.

A medium-faded shave is ideal if you’re growing out the top but want to leave the sides and back a bit groomed. Bonus: This look is one of the easiest to maintain and quickly transitions into a regular classic fade if you decide to chop it all off.

4. Cornrows Undercut

cornrows hairstyle
Split the top into two parts for that iconic Double-Dutch look. Photo credit: Dvora

A long undercut on natural-textured hair is great for braided looks like this pair of thick cornrows. Have it professionally done at a barbershop or salon, and ask them to use their Dutch braiding skills.

5. Relaxed

relaxed long undercut
Make sure your lengths are combed and groomed regularly to achieve this polished yet edgy look. Photo credit: Nick Urteaga

For undercut long hair with a relaxed texture, ensure your lengths are combed and groomed regularly to achieve this polished yet edgy look. One of the most popular versions of a true long hair undercut features one side that’s completely shaven and the other side worn straight near the chin or longer. Edgy and high-impact, it’s also a high-maintenance look that requires frequent trims to keep that neat side clipping looking fresh. Tip: Invest in your clippers to save a few trips to the barber.

6. Bleached Undercut

bleached long undercut
The hairline makes the most impact if you must dye only one part.

Sporty and more casual than other versions, this look features sides and a back almost fully slicked down and a top dyed for a little somethin’ near the bang area.

7. Choppy Gray

choppy gray long undercut
The look is cool and style-conscious without being too out there. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

If you’re still experimenting with the length you want your undercut, bide your time. Keep yourself from getting bored with your look with a trendy color. Also, ask your stylist to make the top choppy (no razor-cutting!) for a chunkier, more textured feel.

8. Sleek Man Bun

sleek man bun long undercut
Use a dark or neutral-colored hair tie for a more polished look.

You can’t go wrong with a classic! Great for appearing well-groomed during more formal or corporate settings, we love a sleek man bun or knot on short or shaven sides. We don’t suggest attempting this look if your back and sides are spiking.

9. Platinum

platinum hair
Blend a long undercut into grown-out sides by camouflaging with color. Photo credit: Dvora

This is a good example of how a great color and clean, rounded haircut can help blend two different hair lengths. Look closer, and you’ll see that the top is floppier and much longer than the sides and back.

10. Pomp

pomp long undercut
Longer than a quiff, a pomp looks best with a bit of height at an angle.

If four to five inches is the most you’ll go in terms of a long undercut, styling it in a high, volumized pompadour with the help of some paste (we like Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste) can help you experiment with texture and volume.

11. Top Knot

top knot long undercut
Welcome to your token gym/tan/laundry look. Photo credit: Dvora

Another classic go-to while hair is growing out is the baby topknot. You must brush the top back into a small ponytail and leave the last loop tucked into the elastic and not completely pulled through.

Are you thinking about trying one of these long undercut styles? Be sure to snap a picture and tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

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