Tutorial: Asian Man Bun Half-Updo

Eunice Lucero | 12 May 2016
asian man bun long straight mens hair

Looks cool, feels cool, done in 60 seconds… Sold!

Do you have straight, medium-to-long hair? Consider yourself lucky, ’cause one of this summer’s hottest looks fits your length and texture to a T. What’s called the Asian man bun, or the samurai half-bun or “hun” (not to be confused with darling or sweetheart) is a quick and easy way to change things up, while keeping hair off your neck when the humidity spikes.

Check out our tutorial to see how to recreate the Asian man bun, which promises to get you spiffed and out the door in less than a minute.

Asian Man Bun Styles for Summer: The Half-Bun

man creates asian man bun on clean hair

Start with clean hair.

Wash and rinse with a gentle daily shampoo and conditioner. Choose one that has strengthening benefits, since you’ll be doing some tugging. We like how Dove Men+Care Thick & Strong Fortifying Shampoo+Conditioner both strengthens strands and leaves hair looking visibly thicker. Blowdry till hair is at least 90% to completely dry.




Long black hair Asian man wearing white shirt

Section off the top.

Use some Bed Head for Men BY TIGI Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade to smooth out your hair. Then, gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail. The thickness of your section depends entirely on your desired look, but we think a 3/4 ratio of hair left down gives a neater appearance. Just make sure it’s even on both sides!




man creates asian man bun and twists hair

Twist hair around.

First twirl your hair so hair is tightly twisted like a rope or string, then begin to create your Asian man bun. Coil your ponytail around itself, creating a full circle. Use your non-dominant hand to hold down the base. Ed’s note: This might take several revolutions before you run out of hair.




man creates asian man bun and pins hair

Secure your bun.

Finish up by securing your bun with pins where the hair overlaps. Depending on your hair’s thickness (and your overall skill level at pinning), you can also use a hair tie or elastic. For the latter, loop it around the base, twist it once till it resembles a figure 8, and re-tie. Hair ties usually take around two to three loops till they feel snug.



man creates asian man bun final look


Your hun is done! Brush out any tangles you might have on the rest of your hair, but overall keep things casual and don’t stress about flyaways and such. It’s meant to be a laid-back look after all, best for looking like you gave a damn on gym-tan-laundry days, and gives off a stylishly cool vibe during those rooftop party nights.



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