Trend Alert: How to Do Warrior Braids

Flavio teaches you how to create warrior braids in under five minutes.

warrior braids cross sections over


Hair Types

One of our favorite things about braided hairstyles is just how customizable they are. From basic to intricate, braids for short hair to braids for long hair, and braid options for both men and women, there really is something for everyone. If you’re a dude with long hair, braids could be a great option for you to get your hair away from your face while you rock a cool style. When it comes to warrior braids for men, you’ve probably seen some examples on Instagram. And the truth is, the actual braiding itself is pretty simple! In this tutorial and video, we walk you through the prep, what products are needed and how to braid these three-strand braids, including its signature placement. Keep reading to learn how to style warrior braids for men and what hair care products we like to use when creating this fun hairstyle.

How to Do Warrior Braids for Men


Brush through your strands.

One of the most important steps in creating warrior braids for menis taking the time to brush through your strands. This helps to get rid of annoying knots and tangles, while also creating a smooth, even base for styling. Work slowly and gently until your hair is completely combed through. Then, gather the top section of your hair and create a half man bun. Secure it with a hair tie to hold it in place.


warrior braids brush through strands

Add some product.

Next, grab a small amount of Axe Natural Look: Softening Cream and warm the product up between your fingers. This product is ideal for when you want to create a casual and effortless style that’s polished. Run the product through the hair that’s free from the man bun, and comb it through with your fingers until it’s fully blended in. This step is key to create warrior braids for men.

warrior braids add some product




Divide your hair.

After that, grab a two-inch section of your hair and divide that section into three smaller sections. This will serve as the base for your three-strand braid. Cleanly separate each of these smaller three sections so that braiding will be a breeze. 

warrior braids divide your hair

Cross sections over.

Creating a three-strand braid is easy. If you’re new to the braiding scene this is a great place to start. Cross the section on the right over the middle one and then follow with the other side. Continue crossing each section over the middle one and alternate sides as you work your way down. Finish off your braid with and your warriror braids for men is done!

warrior braids cross sections over

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