Styling Facial Hair for a Formal Event

Allison | 05 November 2017

Continuing the spirit of No-Shave November, we say that styling your beard is equally as important as styling your hair. 

If you are a dude with facial hair, making sure it looks good for formal events is just as important as wearing a suit. A scraggly beard in need of a trim will make sure you won’t look like a slick gentleman. Styling facial hair for formal events is not all that hard, you can even do it at home.

First you’ll need the right tools. A good set of hair clippers is essential if you have a longer beard. You’ll also need a sharp razor and a pair of mustache clipping scissors for the best results. Using tools that aren’t sharp will give your beard a rough texture and can give an uneven look. Read on to learn more about styling facial hair for your next event.

Styling Facial Hair: Guidelines for Formal Events

Styling facial hair
Get your facial hair holiday-hair ready with these simple tips.

1. Trim for an even look.

For dudes with facial hair longer than a stubble, you’ll probably need a trim. You don’t need to lose the length of your beard, but it does need to look clean-cut. For facial hair that’s on the shorter side, choose a clipper attachment at a length you like and give and all around trim-down. For long beards, trim scraggly hairs with a sharp pair of hair cutting shears.

2. Use a razor for clean lines.

To make sure you look as professional as possible, you’ll need to have straight, clean lines where your facial hair meets the hair-free skin. Use a razor to shave down any hairs that make the line look bumpy. Make sure you go slowly so you don’t trim too much. It’s easier to do one side of your face at a time. Going back and forth is a good way to end up shaving too much hair.

3. Wash your beard… gently.

On the day of the formal event, make sure you gently wash your beard. You can do this in the shower and even use a shampoo. Try Bed Head For Men By TIGI Clean Up Daily Shampoo. Washing your beard will make it softer and easier to style with the right styling products.


4. Style and moisturize.

To style your beard use a dedicated beard oil or beard wax. With a waxy product or a pomade, like AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade, to create a more defined look. It will help for stylized moustache looks as well as getting a clean line on a thick beard. Just make sure to only use a little bit. Using too much wax in your beard can feel uncomfortable and can have a matte finish.


For longer beards, try using a beard oil. Not only does an oil soften up your beard hairs, but it adds extra shine. This makes any longer beard look more formal than a rough, matte beard. Beard oils can also help moisturize the skin underneath your beard that often gets neglected.

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