How to Wear Summer Hats for Men and Still Look Cool

How to keep the cool factor strong.

Aside from a baseball cap purchased as an ode to your favorite sports team, chances are your hat collection is minimal at best. And for good reason. It can be challenging to wear summer hats for men with confidence when this category of fashion is pretty much uncharted territory. One of our tricks for learning how to incorporate a new trend or piece into our wardrobes is to start by mimicking inspiration looks piece for piece. By setting our sights on a look we love and trying them out for ourselves, it’s easier to figure out a way to make the trend work for us.

Fashion, much like everything else in life, is often about trial and error. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear summer hats for men. We hope these looks inspire you to try this trend out!

1. Sun Hat

summer hats for men sun hat
Keep your skin protected with a classic sun hat. Photo credit:

This look is all about unexpected combinations. A wrinkled button-down takes on a more casual approach when paired with a colorful cardigan and a sun hat. Take a relaxed approach to grooming to nail this effortless summer-ready style and let your beard do its thing this season.

2. Summer Hats for Men

summer hats fro men summer
Stock up on multiple options for the season. Photo credit:

Why stop at one hat when you can try a few different styles? As we mentioned above, fashion risks require some trial and error. Grab a few different styles and give them each a go to find out what works for you.

3. Fisherman’s Hat

summer hats for men navy fisherman hat
This trend is making a huge comeback. Photo credit:

Your grandpa’s favorite fishing hat that made it through season after season is one of the summer’s biggest trends. Pair this fisherman’s hat with a bowling shirt and fanny pack to make it clear that this is a fashion moment.

4. Havana Hat

summer hats for men hat
You can’t go wrong with a classic Havana hat. Photo credit:

The Havana hat speaks for itself and requires very little finessing around the rest of your outfit.

5. Classic Cap

summer hats for men cap
Yet another classic that is here to stay. Photo credit:

An option for all hair lengths and types, you can’t go wrong with the classic cap. This option is ideal for the trend-fearful and is a great way to get in on this look without going too far outside of your comfort zone.

6. Bucket Hat

summer hats for men bucket hat
The 90s called…the bucket hat is back. Photo credit:

Pattern-loving guys, this is your chance to shine! A Hawaiin print bucket hat lets you hit two birds with one stone and get in on the summer hats for men trend and Hawaiin print trend at the same time.

7. Wide-Brimmed Fedora

summer hats for men black hat
Make a statement. Photo credit:

Ideal for sunny days and those guys who are looking for a dramatic take on this trend, the wide-brimmed fedora is a definite yes in our book.

8. Backward Cap

summer hats for men backwards cap
Take a skater approach. Photo credit:

If you’re not sure about the summer hats for men trend, avoid investing in an expensive hat that you may not end up wearing. Instead, hop on the backward baseball cap bandwagon.

Editor’s note: Summer is a sweaty time and wearing a hat on a hot day can leave your hair feeling greasy and gross. Don’t let that stop you from wearing a hat! Instead, grab a bottle of TRESemmé Unscented Dry Shampoo from your local drugstore. Simply spritz this dry shampoo into your roots after removing your hat to absorb oil and sweat and leave your hair good as new.

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