Statement Jackets and Messy Hair: The Unofficial Summer Uniform for Guys

This easy pair will get you through the season.

Take a look at the street style trends for men this summer and one look, in particular, is guaranteed to stand out: statement jackets and messy hair. Humid days make fighting messy hair a losing battle and cool summer nights often require an extra layer – ergo this foolproof combination. Statement jackets and messy hair is the trend combination that promises to help you embrace a wash and wear hairstyle with ease. Ready for some inspiration? Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite ways to wear this trend:

1. Combed Over

statement jackets and messy hair combed over
Comb your hair over into a somewhat-sleek look. Photo credit:

When in doubt, comb it over. We won’t lie, sometimes we get a little jealous of how easy guys have it when it comes to styling. Just grab a bit of Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel and run it through your hair while finger-combing your strands over to one side. The exaggerated stitching on this denim jacket does all the talking here – stay content styling your hair in this slightly controlled messy style.

2. Tousled Curls

statement jackets and messy hair tousled curls
The ‘no styling required’ style. Photo credit:

Say hello to the hair product that your curls will fall in love with. Love Beauty & Planet Lavender & Argan Oils Infusion will give your curls long-lasting definition. Run the oil through your hair post-shower and let your curls air-dry. Once your hair has dried, run your fingers through the curls to break them up just a bit. Your curls will be perfectly coiled, bouncy, and ready for that summer heat. We love this take on the statement jackets and messy hair trend.

3. Preppy Punk

statement jackets and messy hair preppy punk
Mix different style elements together for a truly eclectic look. Photo credit:

You might not have considered this combination of preppy and punk elements but we can’t get enough of this unexpected pair. Keep your hair short and cropped to stay cool through the heat and let your outfit do the talking.

4. Messy Curls

statement jackets and messy hair
Surrender to your curls this summer. Photo credit:

Curls are notoriously hard to style in the summer. That’s why we’re suggesting a wash and go approach and encouraging you to simply not style your strands. Leave your curls loose and tousled for a very casual summer look.

5. Classic and Clean-Cut

statement jackets and messy hair classic cut
Stay cool with a classic and clean-cut style. Photo credit:

Take your cut short for the summer to stay cool and keep the messiness to a minimum. Think of this as the office-appropriate version of the statement jacket and messy hair trend.

6. The Shag Is Back

statement jackets and messy hair leather shag
Make a statement with a 90s-inspired shag. Photo credit:

The shag is the OG messy style and that makes it one of the easiest ways to nail this trend. Pair it with a leather jacket for the ultimate 90s-inspired vibe.

7. Vacation Mode

statement jackets and messy hair dark brown scruff
Skip the clean-shaven look and instead opt for a vacation-friendly vibe. Photo credit:

This summer uniform of statement jackets and messy hair isn’t complete without a vacation-friendly option. Leave the razor behind and opt for a scruffier, more laidback style while you’re away.

8. Brushed Down

statement jackets and messy hair brushed down
Comb your hair down over your forehead. Photo credit:

Pair a freshly cut fade with brushed down bangs for a look that seamlessly marries the new with the old.

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