Curly Hair for Guys: How to Manage Your Curls In the Summer Heat

Summer-friendly curly styles.

Curly hair for guys, much like the alleged existence of a men’s hair product that doesn’t double as a body wash, remains a mystery to many. Are you supposed to brush your curls? Are there specific hair products made for your hair type? Does your girlfriend actually not care where you guys go for dinner? Mysteries, indeed. In order to help you manage your curls in one of their most challenging seasons, we’ve created a roundup of inspirational styles. Curly hair for guys isn’t as complicated as it seems. Read on to get inspired:

1. Play Up the Product

curly hair for guys brunette product
The right hair products will preserve your curls in the heat. Photo credit:

Give your curls some definition the easiest way you can: by using a pomade specifically designed to define. Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade is one of our go-to products made for curly hair for guys. It will define your curls and give them some structure to depend on. Rake the product through your curls and go – it’s really that easy.

2. Messy Curls

curly hair for guys messy brunette curls
Embrace the mess. Photo credit:

When the summer gets to its hottest point and you simply just can’t deal with a more elaborate process, we give you full permission to embrace the mess. Messy curly hair for guys looks intentional and strategic when worn with a fashion-minded color coordinated outfit.

3. Long and Styled

curly hair for guys long and styled
Grow it out. Photo credit:

Bed Head for Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel is your summer sidekick if you’ve got longer curls. This stronghold hair gel will give your curls structure and a nice sheen thereby allowing you to focus all your energy on your mustache game.

4. Pull ‘Em Back

curly hair for guys headband
Pull your curls back with a stretchy headband. Photo credit:

There’s almost nothing in the world we love more than a gender-neutral hair moment. The headband trend is all the rage in the street style scene and we love the use of this accessory as a way of keeping your curls in check. Curly hair for guys can be challenging to work with so sometimes an accessory is the best solution!

5. Gelled and Defined

curly hair for guys gelled and defined
Define those coils. Photo credit:

Double up on shine and definition by setting your curls with Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade.

6. Brushed Down

curly hair for guys brushed down
Brush ’em down. Photo credit:

If you can’t be bothered to mess with your curls in this heat, we really wouldn’t blame you. Skip the products altogether and simply brush your curls forward into a smoother, neater and more manageable style.

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