30 Side-Swept Undercut Styles for Men

A dapper yet edgy look you don't want to miss out.

Just when you thought the undercut hairstyle was out the window, a not-so-new way to wear the look suddenly is trending. Say hello (or hello again) to the side-swept undercut style. Like many of your other favorite ways to style your hair, this look can be worn in several different styles on different hair types.

If you’re looking for some fresh and new ideas, we rounded up the best ways to wear the look this season:

1. The Fresh Cut

side swept undercut: barber
The right cut begins in the barber’s chair.

Try a side shave undercut style with a clean-shaven look.

2. The Fringe

side swept undercut: fringe style
A little bang action.

Pair your side undercut with a sleek and straight fringe.

3. The Blow-Dry

side swept undercut: blowdry
Use the blowdry trick to create volume.

Want to play up the look of your long hair at the top of your head? Use a blow-dryer to help create a super straight yet voluminous effect.

4. Brown Highlights

side swept undercut: brown hair
Add a few highlights to lighten up your look.

Looking for making a subtle statement in terms of color? Go for this ombré effect, or lighten up with a few highlights.

5. Brushed Effect

side swept undercut: brushed effect
Brush your hair out for a disheveled look.

If lived-in styles are your thing, you can’t go wrong with this disheveled look. Rough dry after washing your hair and you’re good to go!

6. Quiff

side swept undercut quiff
A classic quiff on top adds volume to the style. Photo credit: Dvora

Go for a simple side-swept quiff style to add volume to your look. The contrast between your voluminous top and shaved sides will add more drama to the look.

7. Hipster-Inspired

side swept undercut: hipster style
Your go-to undercut style for any occasion.

This look is one of the classiest iterations of the side-swept undercut style.

8. Side-Swept Undercut and Mohawk

side swept undercut: mohawk
Proof that you can style your mohawk in different ways.

There’s no rule that says your mohawk must stand tall at all times. Smooth that bad boy over to the side with AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade to recreate this look.

9. The Side-Swept Undercut Office Style

side swept undercut: office style
Step into work in style with this clean cut.

This wavy side-swept undercut look has a very dapper style to it. Sport this to the office with a fresh work suit.

10. Sharp Side Part

side swept undercut side part
Want a prominent side part? Try this look.

Into hair partings? Style your cut into a side part undercut with a sleek hard part or clippings.

11. Short Brushed Waves

side swept undercut: brushed waves
The perfect lived-in look

Layers create movement throughout your hair, so if you have thin/thinning hair, this can be the perfect cut for you. When it comes to washing, try using SheaMoisture Men Bay Laurel & Shea Butter Bourbon Commodore 4-in-1 All-Over Wash to thicken your strands.

12. The Side Brush

side swept undercut side brush
Brush your hair slightly to the side for an easy everyday look.

Want to try your hand at an undercut style that’s appropriate for everyday, as well as being easy to style? Try this gently brushed up look.

13. Side Part Undercut Fade

side swept undercut: fade
Create a natural blend with a fade.

Blend your side part with a natural-looking fade.

14. Curved Side Part Undercut

side swept undercut: side part
Add a side part to create a stylish touch.

This side part has a curve to it that helps give your style a bit of a rounded shape. Add a fun element to the look with the addition of undercut designs.

15. The Pomp Undercut

side swept undercut pomp
A curly pomp is always a good idea. Photo credit: Dvora

Channel the ’70s by creating a modern spin on the pompadour.

16. Sleek Comb-Over

side swept undercut: sleek
Clean and classy combover with undercut.

Want a clean, side-swept look? You can use a gel or pomade, like AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade, to recreate this sleek style.

17. The Spiked Undercut

side swept undercut: spiked
The edgy style.

Not into clean and neat undercut styles? Try this spiky effect for an edgier look.

18. The Wavy Side-Swept Look

a well stylish man holding a coffee cup on a wall

Want to create a look that puts your hair texture at the forefront? Go for this side-swept undercut style with curls or waves. Use a gel like Dove Men+Care Control Gel to add definition.

19. Curly Pink Undercut with Curls

side swept undercut pink curly hair
A pop of pink adds a fun element to your look. Photo credit: Dvora

Give the look a fun style statement with a fun hair color.

20. Side Swept Undercut Dreads

side swept undercut dreadlocks
Create a man pony to the side with your locs.

We believe that any hair type can achieve any look, with the right tools and effort. With that said, if you have dreads you can sweep your locks over to the side to style your undercut.

21. Side Bang Effect

side swept undercut side bang
Go heavy on the side swept for a side bang effect.

The perfect style if you can’t commit to an undercut or your long locks you’ve been growing out!

22. Overgrown

side swept undercut overgrown
Keep the undercut clean and your hair on top long for an overgrown style.

Go for a more subtle and clean undercut and let the top grow over for this look.

23. Chaotic

side swept undercut chaotic
Create a chaotic side swept undercut style.

Have fun with your look and make your side swept style a little more chaotic.

24. Add a Beard

side swept undercut beard
Add some facial hair to the look.

Create a subtle side swept look and finish it off with some Grade A facial hair.

25. Pompadour

side swept undercut pompadour
Grab the gel and get to sculpting.

A clean pompadour is the perfect way to make this look even classier.

26. Comb-Over

side swept undercut combover
Create a combover.

We highly recommend this style for those who might be experiencing some hair loss.

27. Over Exaggerated

side swept undercut over exaggerated
Over exaggerate your style by keeping your hair long on top.

This is a bold look, not for the faint of heart.

28. Voluminous

side swept undercut voluminous
Go for loads of volume for this side-swept undercut look.

Focus on creating some volume for your side-swept undercut style.

29. Groomed Man Bun

side swept undercut groomed man bun
Give yourself a groomed man bun to the side slightly to create an interesting angle.

A groomed man bun, just slightly to the side.

30. Short and Sweet Side Swept Undercut

side swept undercut short and sweet
Go for a clean undercut and a short cut on top, style it to the side.

Keep this look short and sweet. Gel your short hair to the side and you’ve got yourself a clean look.

Thinking about trying out a side swept undercut? Be sure to snap a picture and tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

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