25 Trendy Young Men Haircuts and Hairstyles to Try in 2022

How to seamlessly transition from that college partygoing flex to a first-day-of-work sleekness.

We’ve started thinking a lot about transitional stages in life and specifically how our haircuts and styles reflect them. As far as guys go, transitional haircuts and styles usually come with big life changes too. We’re thinking of the end-of-college transition into the corporate world in particular: Suddenly the days of skipping a haircut appointment are gone and you’ve got to stay on top of your game. Enter: trendy young men haircuts. This collection of young men’s haircuts will inspire you to kick your hair into shape as you prepare to climb the corporate ladder.

25 Trendy Young Men Haircuts and Hairstyles

Read on and get inspired:

1. Deep Side Part

young men haircuts side part
Opt for something statement-making that’s still office appropriate.

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement with your hair without committing to any drastic or irreversible looks, then a change of part is for you. Creating a deep side part in your haircut of choice is an easy way to make a subtle statement.

2. Full Beard and Head of Hair

young men haircuts medium hair full beard
This is the trick to making longer hair work in the office.

The key to making longer hair and beard work in corporate spaces is making sure to stay on top of your grooming. Keep your strands and beard nice and neat to keep your look office-appropriate.

3. Find a Balance

young men haircuts long hair full beard
Balance long hair with a trimmed beard.

If you’re determined not to cut off your long hair then you’ll have to find a way to balance the chaos. A neatly trimmed beard is exactly the streamlined counterpart you’re looking for.

4. Hard Part Fade

young men haircuts hard part fade
Opt for a style on the edgier side.

Looking for a haircut that’s both edgy and trendy? The fade is for you.

5. Grown Out, Combed Back

young men haircuts asian medium hair
The key is finding a good comb.

Grow it out and comb it back. Find a good comb from your local drugstore in the hair care aisle and use it to brush your damp hair away from your face when you get out of the shower.

6. Keep it Clean

young men haircuts redhead fade beard
Pair a fade with a neatly trimmed beard.

Keep it clean while still staying on trend by pairing a fade with a closely trimmed beard.

7. Try a Man Bun

young men haircuts brunette man bun beard
Learning how to tie it back properly is very important.

Refresh your man bun tying skills with our man bun guide and learn how to neatly tie your strands up to make them workplace-ready.

8. Surfer Style

young men haircuts surfer
Streamline a surfer style with a touch of hair product.

The surfer style that worked for frat house parties will need an upgrade before interview season rolls around. Run a touch of Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade through the ends to give the look some streamlined intentional effort and hold.

9. Styled Waves

young men haircuts styled waves dirty blonde hair
How to nail the ‘I woke up like this’ vibe.

Opt for a fade that leaves the tops of your hair extra long so that your waves can do some attention-grabbing work. Keeping the sides short help you maintain a look that works for the office, while still letting your waves have some of the limelight.

10. Straight Strands

young men haircuts straight side part
This is how to wear straight hair long without encroaching on floppy hair territory.

The same rule can be applied to straight hair. Keeping the sides short will help you avoid that all-over floppy style look.

11. Slicked Back

young men haircuts slicked back fade
Listen up, guys. This is the right way to use hair gel.

Our number one tip for using hair gel? Don’t overdo it! Remember that a little bit goes a long way and you can always add more as you style. We love Dove Men+Care Control Gel for all-day hold.

12. Piecey Layers

young men haircuts piece-y layers
Learn how layers can make a world of a difference in your hair.

We’re willing to bet that you’ve never put too much thought into adding layers to your haircut. They can make a world of a difference in terms of adding texture and trendy flair to your overall look.

13. Natural Hair

young men haircuts natural
Let your curls do all the talking.

Keep your beard in the cleanly shaved to minimal scruff range and let your curls do all the talking.

14. With a Twist

young men haircuts natural fade
Natural with a fade.

Alternatively, pair your curls with a fade to hit two trends at once.

15. Messy and Workable

young men haircuts messy straight hair
Let it do what it wants.

If you’re determined to let your hair do what it wants then make sure to opt for a haircut on the short to medium side to keep things in check.

16. Long and Styled

young men haircuts long styled
Learn how to create a gravity-defying style.

Go for a gravity-defying style by teasing your roots for some major volume.

17. Cropped

young men haircuts layered gelled
Proof that the right haircut-hair product can make a huge difference.

Wear your strands neat and closely cropped.

18. Layered Fade

young men haircuts layered fade
Your hair can be one of your best features with a few easy hacks.

Make your thick hair more manageable by opting for a layered fade haircut. This is an ideal style for thick hair and will make your strands the focal point of your entire look.

19. Strategic Highlights

young men haircuts highlighted overgrown
How to make highlights work for *you*.

Listen up, guys: This is not an at-home option! Take a few inspiration photos to your stylist for a few strategic highlights that add some dimension without going overboard.

20. Curly Medium-Length Hair

young men haircuts curly brunette long
Your curls deserve to run wild.

Let your curls run wild and skip the hair products and the closely shaven cropped look. A curly haircut that falls into this medium-length zone remains office-appropriate while still showing off your texture.

21. Curly ‘Fro

young men haircuts curly afro
Take it one step further.

If you’re determined to let your curls grow a little longer than use a defining mouse like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse to keep those curls tight and defined.

22. Cropped Curls

young men haircuts cropped curls
Show off your texture — but just a little.

Alternatively, show off your texture with a closely cropped curly haircut.

23. Closely Shaven

young men haircuts closely shaved beard
Balance a closely cropped hairstyle with a neat barely-there beard.

Keep it closely shaven all around with a cropped haircut and a barely-there beard.

24. Neat and Clean-Cut

young men haircuts clean-cut
This is a classic.

Keep it neat and tidy with a classic haircut and a closely trimmed beard.

25. Brushed-Up Curls

young men haircuts brushed curls
Go big or go home.

Rock a fade with an overgrown top and brush up the top for a statement-making style. This is one of our favorite young men haircuts.

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