14 Curly Hair Undercuts for Men to Try this Fall

A stylish update for your curls.

If you’re thinking of trying out a new haircut that allows you the flexibility to style your curls the way you like, look no further than the curly hair undercut. This style has been around for ages but as of right now, it is the haircut to have. With curly hair undercuts, you have plenty of styling options, like pairing it up with a high fade undercut, wearing defined or loose curls, or adding braids into the mix.

There’s no need to worry about finding the style ideas we mentioned above because we have them right here in this post! Scroll through the gallery to get inspired:

14 Curly Hair Undercuts for Men

From blonde strands to side-parted styles, there are many ways you can sport curly hair undercuts. Keep scrolling to get inspiration for your next haircut.

1. Blonde Curly Hair Undercut

blonde curly hair undercut
Mix it up with blonde curls.

Try a platinum blonde hair color to make your curls stand out. We love the contrast between the light and dark hair colors. Show off your curls by carefully styling them with a hair mousse formulated for curly hair! This will allow you to show off your curls and your fresh haircut.

2. Undercut Designs

curly hair undercut: designs
Make your hair look like art.

Isn’t having fun with your look what undercuts are all about? Opt for undercut designs to make your look more interesting. Give your curls some definition by running Emerge Style Goals Gel through them.

3. Afro

mens afro undercut
When your afro is chic and in charge…#goals.

Style your curly hair undercut with a big afro style. Fluff your hair out with an afro pick to achieve the volume you are looking for. This contrast in lengths offers you the best of both worlds – a haircut that’s shorter on the sides and longer on the top.

4. Curly Undercut on Long Hair

men's long hair undercut
Switch your long hair look with an undercut.

Want to try a new look on your long hair? Add an undercut to give it a cool update. This kind of haircut allows you to maintain your length while getting rid of some of that pesky bulk and thickness. This style looks especially sleek in a man bun as well.

5. Curly Hair Undercut with Mohawk

curly hair undercut: mohawk
Undercut mohawk style.

The Mohawks are back! Try this undercut style to get the look on your curly hair. The natural volume of your curly hair helps add additional height to the style. We love a voluminous style like this for anyone who wants to give a taller impression.

6. Side Part Undercut

curly hair undercut: side part
Add a sharp part to your style.

Create a disconnected look with a side part. This is a unique style that lets you play around with length and texture. To create this look,  your stylist will use a razor to create a distinct extra-wide part.

7. Sporty Curly Undercut

curly hair undercut: sporty
Workout in style.

This is a hairstyle that supports any lifestyle. Take this look from the gym to the office with ease. The short length makes this style the perfect look for people who are on the go.

8. Thick Curly Hair

curly hair undercut: thick hair
High fade undercut.

Create the perfect look with a high fade on thick curly hair. If you want to up the ante on the thick appearance of your hair, wash with Dove Men+Care Thick & Strong Fortifying 2-In-1 Shampoo + Conditioner.

9. Defined Curls

defined curls men
Keep it cute and defined.

Keep things neat by pairing your undercut with polished and defined curls. Use Dove Men + Care Control Gel to style your hair. This hair gel will define your curls and keep them controlled for hours on end.

10. Curly Undercut with Braids

mens braids undercut
What a way to make a statement.

There are so many reasons to love this style! Create a unique look by adding braids into your hairstyle that mimic the look of a hard part without the same level of commitment. Learning how to braid takes time, so if you aren’t a pro right away don’t get discouraged!

11. Drastic Undercut

undercut for men
Opt for a drastic variation of this style.

If you want to try a deep undercut, bring the style farther up, leaving just the top section of hair in the middle. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to full shave their head but wants a look that involves minimal effort.

12. Hot Pink Curls

guy with pink curly hair undercut
Try out a bold hair color!

Show off your curls and undercut with a bright hue! This hot pink color will make your style stand out in the best way possible. You can swap out this bright pink color with any other vibrant hue – try blue, green, or purple if you want to make a statement!

13. Natural Hair Undercut

afro hair undercut for men
An undercut is a classic go-to option for natural hair.

Sporting an undercut on natural hair is a great style! This makes it easier to style and maintain your curls without feeling like your hair is overwhelming. However, you’re still able to show off your texture.

14. One-Sided Undercut

one sided undercut on curly hair
Try a deep undercut on one side of your head.

Want a bit of length, but don’t want to deal with full-length head hair? This one-sided undercut may be the best look for you! This style keeps the hair on the top of your head longer, showing off texture and length, while the rest is shaved to a short undercut.

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