undercut fade slicked back brunette

78 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2020

A classic that every guy needs to know.

An undercut is a hairstyle characterised by its closely shaved back and sides with a longer top section. A classic undercut would typically be grown from temple to temple, with anything below that being shaved one level. However, more modern styles also feature taper fades and even nape undercuts. The longer top section of hair can be styled in a variety of different ways, from slicked back or combed over in a side parting to more messy textures.

Thinking about giving the undercut haircut a go? Before heading off to the barbers, see a selection of the best undercut hairstyles, below.

Quiff Undercut

what is an undercut: short top
Long enough to switch it up.

The top of this cut is short but still long enough to play around with different looks. Go for this version of the undercut if you fancy flexibility when it comes to styling.

Longer Lengths

what is an undercut: long hair
Style super long hair in a sleek and straight style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Men with long hair can pull the undercut hairstyle off with a sleek and straight look.

Hair Color

what is an undercut: gray hair
Spruce it up with a trendy color. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

This disheveled bowl cut mixed with an undercut gets an upgrade with the gray hair trend.

Man Bun

long undercut featured image
Slick your hair up into a man bun.

Combine two of the hottest men’s hairstyles for one spectacular look. If you have spent the last few years growing out your hair to work the ever-popular man bun, the last thing you may want to do is cut it all off.

Naturally Curly

short undercut: long top
Men with naturally curly hair can sport the look too.

Whether you have tightly coiled or loose curls, you can wear this look as well. If you have natural- or Afro-textured hair, you can use a hair pick to give strands more volume up top.

Short and Neat

short undercut
An undercut works with any length.

An undercut works with any hair length. If you like short, more neat styles, don’t be afraid to add an undercut.

Parted Shaved Style

parted undercut
Add a part to switch up your undercut style.

Most undercut looks are styled where the longer section of hair is slicked straight back. Change things up by adding a part to your hair.

Voluminous Hair

voluminous undercut
Add volume, you can never go wrong there!

Creating additional volume with the top of your hair can make the shaved area stand out more.

Undercut with a Beard

undercut with beard
Grow out a beard to go with your undercut.

Pair your shaves hairstyle with a beard to switch up your style.

Short Afro Undercut

short undercut: afro
Get the look on afro hair types.

Try this style on any hair type. On natural hair types, you can complement the look with sponge curls using AXE Natural Look: Softening Cream, or pick it out for a bit more volume.

The Blown-Out Style

short undercut: barber
Leave it up to the professionals.

If you can’t perfect your undercut look for yourself, leave it up to the pro as they know what’s best for your hair and face shape. Your barber can help you figure out the right hairstyle to complement your undercut.

The Buzz

short undercut: buzz
Go for the buzz.

Not into a full-on buzzcut? Leave the top of your hair a little higher. To style your buzz, enhance the spiked up effect and create control with AXE Spiked Up Look: Extreme Hold Glue.

Disconnected Undercut

short undercut: disconnected
Very, very trendy indeed.

If you’re into undercuts that are trendy, you can’t go wrong with the disconnected undercut. Pair it up with a man bun and you have a look every guy is after.

Undercut with Dreadlocks

short undercut with dreadlocks
Try adding locs.

This is a cool take on the short undercut style. You can opt for this hairstyle if you want an update with your dreadlocks but aren’t quite ready to get rid of all of your locs just yet.

Modern Undercut

modern short undercut
Go for a modern style.

It’s all about creating styles that feel stylish to you. If you want an undercut but love modern and disheveled hairstyles, combine the two looks into one. Add shine using AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade when styling.

Faded Undercut

Short undercut fade
Try out a fade.

Your style doesn’t have to be extremely short. You can opt for a fade instead.


short undercut: mohawk
Mix up your style with a mohawk.

Get the best of both worlds with this undercut and mohawk style.

Slight Spike

undercut for Men side shaved
Try out a side shaved undercut with a slight spike.

If you’re job that’s allows you to step outside of the norm, consider styling your hair with a slight spike. Use some of the Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste

Slicked Hair

undercut for men slicked hair
You won’t have to think about your hair with this slicked-back style.

When you have no time and really have other things to worry about then your hair in the morning, the slicked-hair style is the way to go. All you have to do is wash and condition your hair, slightly dry it, and then use AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel to help slick back your hair and hold it in place all day long. Easy as that!

Fluffy and Structured

undercut for men smooth and structured
Be work-ready with this structured fluffy look.

If you have some length with your undercut, consider using it to your advantage to create a fluffy style. This isn’t an ode to the 80s, but a style that’s all about using that old blowdryer to help you get some lift. To achieve, place a round brush underneath the top section of your hair. Apply the heat from the blowdryer to this section as you lift your brush, creating volume. Lock this look (and your hard work) in place by applying TRESEemmé Total Volume Hair Spray to your hair.

Low Buzz

undercut for men low buzz
A low buzz is a super minimal way to rock an undercut.

Look we get that you don’t want to deal with your hair in the morning. If you’re not feeling it, why not try out a buzzed look that gives you some hair on top with a tighter shaved undercut. All you really need is to comb where you groom the top part of your hair and you’re good to go.

Messy Texture

undercut for men fluffy
A messy look with an undercut can work in tons of work environments.

The bedhead/undercut combo totally works for the workplace. To master this look, ruffle up your mane with a little paste to create texture and structure. Have fun with this mishmash style as you display your shaved undercut and fluffy mane.

Tight Man Bun

nape undercut man bun
A man bun paired with a nape undercut is the perfect combination.

Give one of the year’s hottest styles an extra edge by pairing it with a nape undercut. Make sure you use AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel when styling your man bun for a sleek and sexy look.


nape undercut dyed
Give your undercut an edge by using some hair dye.

Hair dye can help you create a look that is very unique. Use a color you like on your hair to create a cool undercut style.

Classic Nape Undercut

nape undercut classic
Nothing beats a classic.

This timeless look will never go out of style, which is why we love it so much. The undercut paired with long locks creates a cool, styled yet easy-going attitude.


nape undercut overgrown
When in doubt, grow it out.

If you want a subtle cut that makes a big impact on your style, then overgrown nape undercuts should be your go-to.


nape undercut pompadourPair your pompadour with a nape undercut for a dramatic style.
One of our favorite men’s haircuts is the pompadour, and there’s a good reason why: It’s a versatile style that can go from tamed and sleek to a tousled bedhead in an instant.

Short Undercut

nape undercut short
Make your undercut short and to the point.

Go for a short and simple undercut that’s just ever-so-slightly longer than a buzz cut.

Curly High Top

nape undercut curly high top
Your high top never looked cooler.

We’re living for this undercut curly hair look. Give your hair some extra volume by fluffing the roots with an afro pick.

Disconnected Top

nape undercut disconnected top
Keep it simple with this disconnected cut.

Clean cut, with a party on top.

Sleek Mohawk

nape undercut mohawk
This sick style isn’t your average mohawk.

Keep your nape undercut grown out in the middle for a cool mohawk style. For a low-key mohawk look like the one above, use AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream.

Deep Buzz Cut

nape undercut buzz cut
A full-on buzz cut is simple and easy.

If you want a style that’s as low maintenance as you are, then a buzz cut is the way to go. Just a simple shave every now and then, and your style is on point.

Tapered Fade

nape undercut tapered fade
Get faded with this tapered fade undercut.

A tapered fade is one of our biggest style go-to’s for a classic cut that won’t ever be out of style.

Crew Cut

crew cut
If you’re into the simpler looks, then a subtle crew cut is perfect for you.

If you’re not into the NSFW looks, then try pairing your nape undercuts with a crew cut. It’s a great look for the office, and for happy hour.

Dyed Ponytail

Man with a sporty haircut - man bun undercut.
An undercut is always a good idea.

Tired of the man bun, or still growing out your hair? Try a mini ponytail instead. A half-up pony looks particularly good with an undercut hairstyle for men since it gives clean lines and shows off your buzzed sides. All you need to do to get this pony is to brush your hair backward and use a hair tie to secure it in place.

Long Undercut

undercut hairstyle men: blonde side
An undercut is surprisingly versatile. Photo credit: Dvora

Not all undercuts need to be a total shave down on the sides of your head. This particular cut leaves the top of the hair extra long so you can slick it back, work it into a pompadour, or leave it down. Ask your barber to keep the hair on top about six inches long and to give you a long undercut of about an inch.

Undercut Fade

Undercut Hairstyle Men: 6 looks to try
Such a cool undercut-fade hybrid. Photo credit: Dvora

Keep your undercut interesting by incorporating a fade at the bottom. This undercut grows out nicely and is a cool new way to rock an undercut. Ask your barber to keep the top section of your hair as long as you like, and to give you a medium undercut that fades at the bottom. To style your hair into these modern waves, use Bed Head for Men By TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax. Style your hair forwards and use the wax to hold in the wavy style.

Small Mohawk

Undercut Hairstyle Men: 6 looks to try
Consider something edgy. Photo credit: Dvora

An edgy style, like a mohawk, definitely needs an undercut to go with it. Ask your barber for a mohawk of one uniform length up top. The longer the hair, the edgier the look. And instead of having the mohawk transition into a fade, ask for an undercut with a clean line. This will show off your mohawk really well, and give a modern look.

Ultra-Modern Pompadour

Undercut Hairstyle Men: 6 looks to try
Modern undercut pompadour. Photo credit: Dvora

A favorite old school haircut that’s now back style is the pompadour. To make sure you keep your look from getting too retro, add in an undercut. To style your pomp up, use Dove Men+Care Control Gel to stylize your look.

Styled Curls

undercut fade styled curls brunette
Tame your curls with the right hair product.

Tame your curls with just a touch of hair gel and show off your undercut just beneath them. Use Dove Men + Care Control Gel to streamline and define your curls and keep them in tip-top shape.

Brushed Back

undercut fade styled brushed back thick brunette
Brush your waves back.

Brush your waves back away from your face for a put-together look. The contrast of your thick waves and the shaved undercut will create a striking balance.

Slicked Down

undercut fade slicked back brunette
Slick your strands down.

Run your comb under the faucet and slick your strands back into a clean and neat look.

Hard Part Fade

undercut fade parted brunette beard
Work a few different trends into one look.

Who says you can only incorporate one trend at a time? Get in on the hard part fade trend for an even edgier look.

Defined Curls

undercut fade moussed curls braids
Braid your curls for some added detail.

Run Bed Head For Men By TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel through your curls to give them definition and hold. Create teeny tiny braids along the part for a detailed and unique transition from your curls to your undercut.

Messy Texture

undercut fade messy brunette
Get in on a grunge look.

Let your hair do what it does naturally and simultaneously get in on the grungy messy hair look.


undercut fade medium brown tousled
Run your fingers through your hair for some tousled texture.

Run your fingers through your hair and take advantage of the natural oils that your scalp produces to create a tousled and textured look.

Lightly Styled

undercut fade medium brown close beard
Keep the styling to a minimum.

Opt for a cropped haircut that results in a lightly styled and not overdone look.


undercut fade gray brown volume
Amp up the volume.

Fake thicker hair by adding some volume to your strands. Use a teasing comb to backcomb the front of your hairline to add volume and give the illusion of thicker hair.

High Shine

undercut fade golden blonde
Consider this glossy look.

Give your hair an added dose of shine by styling your strands with AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade.

Trimmed Beard

undercut fade dirty blonde trimmed beard
Pair your undercut fade with a trimmed beard.

Pair your undercut fade with a neatly trimmed beard.


undercut fade dark brown swoop
Yes, it’s a thing.

Consider a cartoon-like swoop as an easy way to add some extra character to your style.


undercut fade dark brown gelled
Style your strands.

Use some hair gel to create a styled and ‘done’ look suitable for every special occasion.

Classic Fade

undercut fade classic
Give your classic fade a subtle upgrade.

Don’t go crazy altering a style that’s already working for you. Instead, ask your barber to simply shave a little closer for the undercut portion of the style.

Cropped Beard

undercut fade blonde cropped beard
Consider a cropped beard.

Pair your undercut fade with a cropped beard for an on-trend and wearable style.

Quick Braid-Back

undercut and braids for dudes
It’s stylish, yet casual.

We’re pretty confident anyone can learn to braid their hair. You just need to give it a good shot! For a quick refresher, here is our tutorial for french braiding hair for guys. Every guy should start off with freshly washed and dried hair. We suggest you use Suave Men 2-In-1 Ocean Charge Shampoo + Conditioner to make sure your hair is clean and hydrated.

Style this simple braid-back if your hair is just an inch or two grown out. It lets you get your hair off your face. onus:B It’s seriously stylish. For guys with thick hair, doing the braid-back shows off just how much hair you have. We’re a little jealous, tbh.

Naturally Curly Braids

undercut and braids for dudes
Go for one braid or two for that perfectly straight part.

For guys with naturally curly hair, you can tuck away your curls entirely if you go for this braided look. This style is a French twist, but you can do any style of braid to achieve this look.

Any braid that sticks closely to the scalp (like French braids or cornrows) can show off your undercut easily. An undercut and braids style on guys is such a high contrast look that we love! So if you wear your braids down, it will cover your shaved panels. Trust us, you want to show off your undercut.

French Braid

undercut and braids for dudes
Cool dye job totally optional.

Oh, and you don’t need to have super-long hair to do a braid, just FYI. Keep in mind that for short hair, you should work some type of hold into your style. It will make sure the little hairs won’t pop out.

We suggest applying a bit of Bed Head For Men By TIGI Power Play Gel through your hair before styling. This will give your braid a shiny finish in addition to the hold you need. Shorter hair? Go for a French twist. The only difference between a French braid and a French twist is that you only use two sections of hair. Just twist the sections, add a little more hair, and twist again. See? Super simple.

Wearing a style like this is really useful in making sure you can see your undercut. So, if you’ve taken the time to have your hair dyed or have cool shaved designs in your undercut, we totally suggest trying a twist.

Small Braids with a Bun

undercut and braids with bun
This style looks great with a bun.

If you’re going for a thinner braid style, we highly recommend creating a bun. The bun allows you to see all over your undercut, while making your hair appear longer. If you choose to go with smaller braids, your hair will look fuller, too.

Graphic Side Clippings

undercut designs side clippings
Neat side clippings can upgrade everything from an undercut to a buzzcut.

A few strategically placed lines can spell the difference between vanilla and super-duper dapper. Our favorite iteration: graphic clippings right where the hair starts to fade, just right below the crown. Subtle, but kinda tongue-in-cheek as well—always a sexy combo.

Slicked Back with Whitewalling


undercut designs slick back with whitewalling
The naughty-nice contrast, always a good idea.

A true, definitive undercut if there ever was one, a whitewalled (a.k.a. fully shaven, with maximum scalp exposure) version brings the focus solely on the tuft of hair at your crown. Slicking it back is a clean, slightly retro/vintage look that also has hints of the subversive. Keep this look s slick s possible with AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade.

Flawless “Ombré” Fade

undercut designs flawless fade
Taper game on point.

We’re taking the ombré hair color trend and flipping it here to mean a perfect, blended fade from the sides of your undercut downwards. Guys looking for a more conservative version can dip their toes into this look. The gateway drug of undercuts, you can always opt to go higher and shorter as you please.

Funky Fades

undercut designs funky fades
Take a walk on the wild side with unique edges.

Groovy swirls, blocky chevron stripes or tattoo/religious-inspired prints, razor-sharp temples and edges, out-of-the-box undercut designs have been taking social media by storm. Tame your longer strands with a gel to create a slick and sexy style. We love Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Gel for the job. In case these looks might be too out there for your desk job, opt to get your design higher and on only one side of your head, which can be easily hidden by a comb-over.

Sharp Side Part

undercut designs shaved side part
Shaved sides are an awesomely grown-up way to rock an undercut. (Or: You’re not just a dad, you’re a cool dad.)

Speaking of comb-overs, update this Dad classic with an undercut twist. Style your regular undercut with a side part, and instead of a gradual taper on your minor section, have your barber shave it off, resulting in a permanent part line. Best for guys who only stick to one hair parting (hey, you gotta commit sometime) and work in corporate environments—as well as for the occasional soccer heartthrob—this look is sharp, professional but also oozes a certain unbuttoned sex appeal.


undercut designs two block
Longer top layers can be combed over neatly or messed up, as you wish. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Because everyone loves a good-intentioned hot mess! Gaining a lot of traction with Asian pop stars, this undercut design features a longer “tail” at the back, instead of a uniform taper all around. This look is also very customizable, and you can go as low or as high as you want with your side shave. Wear it nice-guy style with a textured bowl cut, or go buck wild for the weekend and muss up the front in a fauxhawk. Keep this style full and fresh by washing with Axe Daily Thickening Shampoo.

Extra-Long Wavy Undercut Fade

curly men's undercut hairstyle: extra long fade
For perfectly defined waves.

This dude has a seriously great, defined wavy look. To achieve this effect, you’ll need an overall longer haircut. You can still wear an undercut fade combination, but make sure your barber keeps it long. To get the defined wavy look, use a brush to style your hair backward. Then, use Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade to help define your individual waves or curls.

Curly Pompadour With Undercut

how to wear curly men's undercut hairstyle
A curly pomp is always a good idea. Photo credit: Dvora

For a similar effect with a shorter, more pronounced undercut, try out this cool style. You’ll still need to keep your hair a little longer on top to achieve a classic pomp. Combine it with an undercut fade that starts right around your temples to get the cleanest look, and wear it with some scruff for a cool dude effect.

Mini High-Top Undercut

how to wear curly men's undercut hairstyle
The curly top. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For dudes with tight curl structure, make it tall. You don’t have to wear a super-tall high top, in fact, we suggest keeping it shorter and letting your natural curls pop out. It creates more of a curly top effect. Pair it with a tight undercut and add in a shaved design for the ultimate mix of haircut techniques.

Tousled Undercut Fade

men's undercut hairstyle: tousled undercut
An easy-to-wear, easy-to-style curly undercut. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For a more relaxed take on the curly men’s undercut, try out this tousled effect. You’ll wear your hair on top a bit shorter and the undercut a bit longer. Together, it makes your hair look perfectly undone. This is perfect for dudes who don’t want to spend a ton of time on their hair, but still want to look sharp.

Messy Hair Undercut

undercut hairstyle: preppy undercut
A messy look that’s all about texture. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For the longer tousled look, try out this messy hair undercut. It keeps your hair on top extra long so you have more to work with. Style it with a side part, but don’t make it too perfect. Instead, just take Bed Head For Men By TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax and style your hair at an angle, creating that messy effect.

Ruffled Scissor Undercut

curly men's undercut hairstyle: messy hair
A messy style that’s all about those bangs. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If doing your hair isn’t on your agenda, well, pretty much ever, then this look is for you. It’s a fringy style, so you’ll have your hair on top about an inch or so long, styled forward. Instead of taking out the buzzer for the undercut, ask for it to be done with scissors. This will give your hair a longer, more relaxed look.

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