5 Ways to Wear a Quiff Fade for Men in 2022

Pretty-boy swag? Check.

The quiff fade is today’s trademark pretty-boy look—and we say that with love! This trendy, flattering hairstyle has been earning more than its fair share of airtime both on the runways and in real life. Easy to wear and even easier to style (it seriously takes less than five minutes, if you’ve already got a great cut as a base), it’s no wonder this vintage-inspired look has had a major renaissance.

5 Ways to Wear a Quiff Fade

Inspired by the rockabilly hairdos of 1950s greasers and reimagined in many other versions since then (see: the punk quiff, the modern pomp), the quiff fade is a men’s haircut that takes details from the undercut, a.k.a. another crowdpleaser. To be specific, it’s a look that has hair that’s longer on top (long enough to be up-styled), and sides that taper off or “fade,” usually done via clippers.

Here are 5 ways to wear the quiff fade:

1. Highlighted

quiff fade higlights
Take a leap and opt for some highlights.

Add a touch of color to your quiff fade and opt for some subtle highlights. Speak to your stylist about which tone and level of intensity will work best with your skin color and base hair shade. Style your quiff fade as you normally would!

2. Curly

quiff fade curly
Enhance your curls.

Enhance your curls and let them shine with this multi-length style. Keep them longer on the top and cropped on the sides in a classic quiff fade style.

3. Brushed Over

quiff fade brushed over
Grab your comb and brush your strands over to one side.

Are you looking for a slightly more structured style? Comb your strands over to one side for a slightly more ‘done’ look.

4. Tousled

quiff fade tousled
Add some subtle tousling to your strands.

On the other end of the styling spectrum…consider this lightly tousled look for a perfectly undone style. This look blends that sexy tousled style with a limited amount of structure for a perfectly undone look.

5. Lightly Styled

quiff fade styled
Lightly style your quiff.

Use just a touch of Dove Men + Care Control Gel to add a bit of light styling to your style. A little bit goes a long way with this product, so use just a dime-sized amount at the front of your hair.

How to Style a Quiff Fade

Scroll down for an easy styling guide:

quiff fade men's street style gelled look

The trick is to form the base with a blow-dryer before going in with gel. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Get the right cut.

Ask your barber for the right quiff fade, which starts with around 1/2” of taper on the sides, beginning at the parietal ridge. Puzzled as to how it looks? Check out our quick primer on fades here.

2. Start on clean, washed hair.

To get that telltale lift at the front of your fringe area, it’s best to get rid of any residue or buildup that can weigh hair down. Wash with Dove Men + Care Charcoal + Clay Purifying Shampoo.

3. Blow-dry.

Towel-dry then rough-dry hair with a blowdryer, wiggling the nozzle all around your head. When hair is around 80% dry, start drying the top area using an upward-tugging motion with your fingers to create lift at the roots. Check out our men’s blow-drying tutorial for more tips.

4. Apply some firm-hold gel or pomade.

Rub a finger-swipe or dime-sized amount of product—we like the firm yet matte hold we get from Axe Urban Messy Look: Matte Hold Gel—on palms, then apply in an upward cresting motion on your fringe area. Mat down the sides and back with any leftover product, moving front to back on each side. Done!


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