10 Ways to Wear a Low Fade Haircut

Easy-to-style and easy-to-wear? It doesn't get any better than the low taper fade.

There are quite a few reasons why the low fade haircut is one of our favorite looks of this season. Aside from being a modern, on-trend style to consider, this is a look that always looks fresh and clean and therefore requires minimal styling. It keeps you cool in the summer and blends seamlessly into your facial hair in the winter, and is truly the ideal style all year round.

Are you considering trying out the low fade haircut? Read on for 10 ways to wear this look:

The Low Fade Haircut

low fade haircut spiked gel
Run some gel through the front of your style to spike it up.

1. Spiked Up

Spike up the top of your low fade haircut with a little bit of hair gel. Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Gel is one of our favorite long-lasting gel options for guys.

low fade haircut slicked back red blonde
Grow out the top and comb it back.

2. Slicked Back

Grow out the top of your strands and play with different lengths to give your fade some contrast. Comb the longer layers back into a smooth and clean look for easy styling. Add a touch of shine to your longer hairs by combing Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment throughout. This helps keep your hair in tip-top shape as far as health goes. It also helps make hair super shiny!

low fade haircut pompadour brunette gelled
Nail two trends at once.

3. Pair It With a Pompadour

Double up on trends and wear your low fade haircut with a pompadour. This style is great for work and the weekend, and transitions seamlessly from one to the other.

low fade haircut high top low fade
Pair a high top fade with a low fade haircut.

4. High-Top Fade

Mix two styles into one by pairing a high-top fade with a low fade haircut.

low fade haircut going gray
This look works for any age.

5. Salt and Pepper

The low fade haircut works for guys of any age and looks particularly great on salt and pepper hair.

low fade haircut full beard light brown
Pair your low taper fade haircut with a full beard.

6. Full Beard

Consider how your facial hair will mix with your low fade and try a full beard for major contrast.

low fade haircut combed through
Comb the hair up on top.

7. Combed Through

Give your strands a classic combed-through look by working AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade through your strands. Just a little bit of this pomade will give your hair subtle yet long-lasting definition.

low fade haircut closely cropped
Go for a closely cropped style.

8. Closely Cropped

Keep your style short and cropped for a nice, clean look.

low fade haircut brunette closely shaven beard
A closely shaven beard perfectly complements this style.

9. Closely Shaven

A closely shaven beard is the perfect pairing for this look. It allows your low fade to transition back to thickness with a filled-in trendy beard.

low fade haircut black hair short beard
So short it’s barely there.

10. Barely There

A barely there fade still counts as a fade, right? Go for a very short look that extends into your beard with a subtle low cut fade in between.

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