Believe It or Not, the Man Perm Is Back (and Better Than Ever)

Miriam Herst | 06 November 2018

Think of it as the best possible ’80s revival ever. 

For those guys who are looking to experiment with their hair and get in on the recent curly hair trends, this one’s for you. The man perm is making a comeback, and before you roll your eyes and write us off completely, we’re here to convince you that it’s decidedly much less ’80s reminiscent than expected. This modern version of the man perm incorporates style and texture for a look that gives you perfectly on-trend curly results.

Are you one of the brave souls considering trying out the man perm? Read on, kind sir, for some major inspiration:

The Man Perm

man perm wild medium length curls
Wear your curls loose and wild.

1. Wear It Wild

A medium-length, tightly coiled perm will result in a wild and adventurous-looking style. Pair this look with a well-kept beard to avoid having your hair take over your entire face.

man perm side part medium length
Use your perm as an excuse to change up your part.

2. Side Part

Get yet another change of perspective by changing your part as you learn how to style your new perm. You’ll be surprised by how much of an impact your part can have on the overall angles and perspectives of your face.

man perm short beard
Wear your curls with a closely shaven beard.

3. Close Beard

Here we have yet another example of how a closely-shaven beard can balance out your perm. Some men are hesitant to jump on the curly hair trend because all of the texture, and we do admit that all this volume can be a little overwhelming. Streamlining your curls with Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse and a well-groomed beard will take the edge off such a dramatic style.

man perm red blonde loose waves center part
Proof that not all perms were created equally.

4. Loose Waves

It’s important to note that opting for a perm does not necessarily mean ending up with a head of coiled curls. Ask your stylist for a looser wave for a more laid-back style.

man perm man bun
Wear your perm up and out of your face.

5. Man Bun

You can always tie your curls up into a man bun as an easy-to-create and on-trend style to fall back on.

man perm long tight curls
Grow them out.

6. Long Tight Curls

Wear your curls long and defined. A healthy dose of Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Gel will keep your curls tight and defined all day long.

man perm long fade
Loose curls go perfectly with an overgrown fade.

7. Overgrown Fade

Fake natural looking curls by going for a medium-sized perm and ask your stylist for a slightly overgrown fade to nail two trends at once.

man perm grown out highlights
Pair your new curls with a change of hair color.

8. Highlighted Curls

Go all in for a full-on makeover by getting your hair highlighted too. Keep in mind that between the chemicals from your perm and the ones found in hair dyes and bleach, you’ll be putting your hair under a lot of stress. Make Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner a regular part of your routine to hydrate your strands and keep them as healthy as possible.

man perm curled front
Consider just a little curl.

9. Curled In Front

Start slow and consider keeping your ‘do closely cropped with just a little curl up front to start.

man perm cropped bowl cut
Cropped curls are the way to go.

10. Cropped Cut

Cropped curls are a great way to show off your new texture without wearing your curls too long.

man perm combed up
Comb your curls up for some volume.

11. Combed Up

Use your hairbrush to comb your hair upwards and wear your curls with a little bit of volume.

man perm brushed back
Or brush them back and away from your face.

12. Brushed Back

Alternatively, you can brush your curls directly back to open up your face and keep your curls out of the way.

man perm bowl cut brunette
File this under: ways to wear curly hair with bangs.

13. Curly Bangs

As you’ve most likely already guessed, it can be a bit challenging to make curly hair work with bangs. This bowlcut-inspired look manages to incorporate both curly hair and bangs in a trendy and surprisingly endearing style.

man perm bleach blonde
Go bright and curly.

14. Bleach Blonde

Lighten up with bleach blonde curls and make two bold hair changes at once.

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