How to Get the ’90s Curtains Hairstyle

Hey, baby: Channel your inner '90s heartthrob.

Ready to relive the ’90s? Then you’ve got to try out the curtains hairstyle, a trademark look of teen band members and pro footballers everywhere. This floppy, boyish hairstyle is best worn by guys with straight to wavy textures. The curtains hairstyle is a good option to try if you’ve got healthy-looking strands, as no other look showcases shine better than this preppy, longish hairdo.

Bonus points if you’re already sporting some version of a shaved cut: The two-winged look, which features a medium-length haircut with a middle part on the hairline—hence the name—has been a natural progression of fans of the undercut, another beloved retro hair throwback from the grunge era.

Get ready to make your “fans” swoon as you rock this modern take on the curtains hairstyle:

How to Create the Curtains Hairstyle


Start with Clean Hair

Prep your hair for the curtains hairstyle by washing it with a refreshing shampoo. We like Axe Apollo Clean & Strong 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner. Afterwards, towel-dry or rough-dry with your fingers and a blowdryer.

curtains hairstyle step 1

Blow-Dry to Create Your Wave

On shorter hair, getting that telltale floppy lift needs a bit of help — specifically, from a few twirls of the blowdryer and a round brush. Simply swirl the brush on the underside of your bangs in a forward motion to create a “wave.”

blowdry your curtains hairstyle using a brush


Complete the look with some pomade, like Dove Men + Care Polishing Pomade. Make sure both “curtains” are even. Your curtains hairstyle is complete!

curtains hairstyle on short hair

That’s all there is to creating the curtains hairstyle! It’s simple and highly effective.

Ways to Wear a Curtain Hairstyle

1. Off-Center Part

curtains hairstyle blonde
A slightly off-center part keeps it a bit more modern too. Photo credit:

Take this classically 90s style straight to 2021 with this slightly overgrown style. Opt for an off-center part for a slightly different take on this look. This curtains hairstyle is great for anyone dealing with a center part cowlick, it’ll help disguise it perfectly.

2. Classic Cut

curtains hairstyle classic cut
Try this classic 90s style.

You can’t go wrong with a classic 90s curtain hairstyle. This shorter take on the curtains hairstyle is a little more of a throwback and will definitely get some attention.

3. Overgrown

curtains hairstyles long lazy bleach blonde
Wear it longer!

Grow out your hair and opt for this medium-length curtain hairstyle!

Run a bit of Dove Men + Care Well Defined Taming Gel through your strands to give your style some shape. You can focus the product more on one side if you just want hold on one side a more free look on the other.

4. Something Subtle

curtains hairstyle subtle part
Consider a subtler alternative. Photo credit:

Go super subtle with a barely-there part. This style may not scream curtains hairstyle but it’s a great way to switch up your look and build some more volume and body.

5. Shaved Sides

curtains hairstyle and shaven side
Pair your curtains with a side shave.

Give your curtain hairstyle a modern twist and opt for this look that incorporates shaved sides. The undercut and shaved sides look has been a major trend this year and is the perfect way to maintain a current and edgy look, with a side of 90s nostalgia.

6. Curly Curtain Bangs

curtains hairstyle curly bangs
Curly hair makes for a great curtain bangs hairstyle. Photo credit: Ian Dooley

We love how well a curly curtains hairstyle frames your face. This look is light and adds more texture to your look.

Keep your curls on point and moisturized by styling with Suave Men Leave-In Conditioner with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil. This leave-in product is perfect for guys wit curls who needs some extra definition and moisture.

7. Side Part

curtains hairstyle side part
Create a side part to switch up your look.

If a middle part isn’t necessarily your thing, you can still wear this style with a side part. A side part is the perfect way to add more volume to your look and give the curtains hairstyle a more “surfer dude” aesthetic.

8. Longer Top Layers

curtains hairstyle long top layer
Go for a longer top layer to add volume and texture.

Embrace the 90s boy band look by going for a longer top layer. This is the ultimate throwback, but it looks great on an older crowd, too. As this style air dries you can use your hands to finger comb the style back so those perfect curtain waves dry in place.

9. Longer Length

curtains hairstyle long waves
Go for the long, luscious curtains hairstyle. Photo credit: Austin Wade

We love a youthful, longer curtains hairstyle. Grow your hair out but add some layers to really help make this style pop. A center part works best for this look, so don’t be afraid to try a new part.

10. Curtain Twists

curtains hairstyle curtain twists
Create a curtains-inspired twist style. Photo credit: Richard Gazon

Use curtain hairstyles as inspo for a modern twist look. Create a twist style that allows for a face-framing curtains look and marries 90s nostalgia with a 2021 feel.

With so many different ways to sport this throwback-comeback style, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

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