The Curtains Hairstyle: The Beloved ’90s Look is Back

Eunice Lucero | 19 October 2017

Hey, baby: Channel your inner ’90s heartthrob.

Ready to relive the ’90s? Then you’ve got to try out the curtains hairstyle, a trademark look of teen band members and pro footballers everywhere. It’s a low-key look basically perfect for a last-minute boyband costume idea, or you know, whenever you’re thinking of just going down memory lane, as it is super trending—just add a puka shell necklace, a long, striped polo shirt and some baggy jeans, and you’ve gone full method. Otherwise, we suggest wearing this look with some oversized sweaters, to still look trendy without going overboard.

The floppy, boyish hairstyle (which you may have rocked in your years as a campus cutie, don’t lie) is best worn by guys with straight to wavy textures. The curtains hairstyle is a good option to try if you’ve got healthy-looking strands, as no other look showcases shine better than this preppy, longish hairdo.

curtains hairstyle blonde
A slightly off-center part keeps it a bit more modern too. Photo credit:

Bonus points if you’re already sporting some version of a shaved cut: The two-winged look, which features a medium-length haircut with a middle part on the hairline—hence the name—has been a natural progression of fans of the undercut, another beloved retro hair throwback from the grunge era.

For the true two-wing aficionados however, we show how to recreate that tricky middle part on cropped hair, a routine you can then maintain as it grows out to cheek-length. Get ready to make your fangirls swoon as you rock this modern take on the curtains hairstyle:

Tutorial: Curtains Hairstyle


Start with clean, freshly washed hair.

Prep your hair for styling by washing it with a refreshing shampoo. We like the crisp, clean, lightweight feel of Suave Men Ocean Charge 2-in-1 Shampoo + ConditionerAfterwards, towel-dry or rough-dry with your fingers and a blowdryer.


Blow-dry to create your wave.

On shorter hair, getting that telltale floppy lift needs a bit of help — specifically, from a few twirls of the blowdryer and a round brush. It’s super easy: Simply swirl the brush on the underside of your bangs in a forward motion to create a “wave.”


Apply some wax or firm-hold pomade.

A non-greasy pomade is key to achieving that sleek yet structured feel of the curtains hairstyle. Apply a finger-swipe of Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade (not pictured), between your palms and distribute throughout your hair. Note: Focus on using pomade on the hairline area and use any leftovers to mat down the sides and back.



Put the finishing touches with some pomade, making sure both “curtains” are even. You’re all set!

Photo credit: Raquel Espírito Santo

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