31 Timeless Hairstyles for Men Over 40

Looking for a classic yet modern look to fit your busy day-to-day? We've got just the thing.

Whether you are just starting to notice a gray hair or two, are in full-on salt and pepper mode or went gray years ago, there are a number of timeless styles for you to consider if you’re looking for something new. We’ve created a collection of timeless hairstyles for men over 40 to inspire your next look. We found a style for everyone: the creative director, the CEO, the freelancer, the creative, the casual guy, and everyone in between!

Make an intentional choice with your strands and keep reading to check out some of our favorite hairstyles for men over 40. And remember, age is nothing but a state of mind!

1. Sophisticated Waves

hairstyles for men over 40 wavy short beard
Opt for a wavy and sophisticated style.

Brush out your wavy strands to distribute the natural oils that your hair produces and give your waves a healthy sheen.

2. Fake Thicker Hair

hairstyles for men over 40 thin hair gray
Learn how to give the illusion of thicker hair.

Has your hair been thinning as you age? You’re not alone. By combing your hair over to the side and running a golf ball-sized pump of Bed Head for Men by TIGI Press Up Body Building Foam through your strands, you’ll create the illusion of thicker hair.

3. Styled Swoop

hairstyles for men over 40 swoop
This style is surprisingly easy to create.

Wet your hair and brush it over to one side for a sophisticated styled swoop. To achieve the signature volume of this style simply comb your hair in the opposite direction from how you usually style it. By combing it in the opposite direction than your strands are used to, they’ll stand up and give a little pushback and a touch of volume.

4. Closely Cropped

hairstyles for men over 40 short gray
Wear your gray hair nice and short.

Wear your gray hair nice and short for a sleek and streamlined style.

5. Salt and Pepper

hairstyles for men over 40 salt and pepper short
Gracefully begin the transition into gray hair.

Start your journey towards gray hair by embracing the salt and pepper stage. There’s nothing quite as timeless as this color combination and the confidence and ease that comes with embracing your aging strands.

6. Messy Bedhead

hairstyles for men over 40 messy hair
Opt for a haircut that styles itself.

Believe it or not, the right haircut will allow you to look like you’ve put effort and intention into your style without requiring you to do very much work. A choppy layered style like this one will dry naturally into a messy and trendy bedhead style. If you do want to add more texture though, rake AXE Messy Look Wax through your strands to give you a little extra texture and hold.

7. All Grown In

hairstyles for men over 40 medium length brunette
Take the 5 o’clock shadow approach.

Let both your hair and beard grow in for a fun and boyish look that balances out your graying strands.

8. Cropped Curls

hairstyles for men over 40 medium brown
Keep your curls closely cropped.

Wear your curls closely cropped for easy styling and a clean and fresh look.

9. Grow it Out

hairstyles for men over 40 long curls
Who says you can’t wear your hair long after 40?

Wear your curls long by growing them to just below your chin. Pair them with a mustache for a sophisticated upgrade.

10. Clean Lines Hairstyles For Men Over 40

hairstyles for men over 40 gray clean shaven
Pair your gray strands with a clean cut.

Cut your white hair into cropped and clean-cut for a timeless look.

11. Styled Salt and Pepper

hairstyles for men over 40 gelled salt and pepper
Remember: a little bit of hair gel goes a long way.

Use a matte hair gel-like AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel to style your salt and pepper strands into a streamlined look.

12. Combed to the Side

hairstyles for men over 40 combed to the side
Comb your hair over for a sophisticated and styled look.

Use a basic comb to brush your hair over to one side and rake AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade through your strands to help achieve a smooth look with lightweight hold.

13. Two-Toned

hairstyles for men over 40 brown and gray
Make a statement as your color transitions.

If you’re not quite ready to embrace a full head of gray hair then consider letting the sides grow out while still dyeing the top dark. This two-toned look is both on-trend and timeless.

14. Snow White

hairstyles for men over 40 almost all white
There’s nothing wrong with the white hair game.

Embrace a full head of white hair head on and go for an all-over snowy white look.

15. Brushed Back

hairstyles for men over 40 all white brushed back
Comb your hair back to show off its thickness.

Brush your hair straight back to show off your thick white strands.

16. Cleanly Trimmed

hairstyles for men over 50 white groomed
Pair a trimmed beard with a neatly styled haircut.

Keeping up with your haircut and shaving schedule is key to maintaining a clean and neat look. A short beard gets a modern and clean twist when it’s neatly trimmed and groomed. Use a quick spray of TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray to hold your clean haircut in place.

17. Subtly Styled

hairstyles for men over 50 styled
Keep the styling to a minimum.

You’ll want to stay away from over-styling in order to maintain a sophisticated look. Run a little bit of water over your comb before you brush through your hair to streamline your style and keep it fresh.

18. Clean Lines

hairstyles for men over 50 styled beard hair gel
Use hair gel to create a clean look.

With the right styling skills and a strong dose of confidence, you can take your style a step further by incorporating hair gel into your look. Run Dove Men+Care Control Gel through your strands for a slightly cleaner alternative to the previous style.

19. All Slicked Back

hairstyles for men over 50 slicked back white
Slick all your hair straight back.

Similar to the subtle styling routine we ran through above, all this look takes is a bit more water and running your comb through your hair to create this slicked back look. One of our fave hairstyles for men over 40!

20. Lightly Combed

hairstyles for men over 50 pomae
Hair pomade is about to become your right hand man.

Use a drop of hair pomade like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade and comb your hair back into a slightly styled look.

21. Messy and Textured

hairstyles for men over 50 messy thick
A clean haircut is key for balancing a messy style.

This style is the most ideal of hairstyles for men over 40 who are still holding onto their thick strands. To tame your beard, use SheaMoisture Men Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Balm. This will help nourish and moisturize your beard to keep it well maintained all day long.

22. Effortless Style

hairstyles for men over 50 messy
It doesn’t get any more laid-back than this.

Keep it effortless and easy with a laid-back and messy style.

23. Cropped Short

hairstyles for men over 50 cropped
Keep it closely cropped.

You can always count on a cropped short style to be the most sophisticated and on-trend of hairstyles for men over 40.

24. Combed Over

hairstyles for men over 50 combed natural
Use your fingers to comb your hair over to one side.

This style doesn’t require any products at all. Simply use your fingers to comb your hair off to the side for an effortless look.

25. High Contrast

hairstyles for men over 50 bald beard
Pair a cleanly shaved head with a full beard.

If you’ve found that your hair has been thinning, then we suggest going all-in with a high-contrast bald look paired with a full, on-trend beard. To keep your beard clean use SheaMoisture Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Wash. This formula is actually pH balanced, which helps give a clean slate to your beard every time you wash it.

26. Square Cut

hairstyles for men over 40 square cut
Ask your barber to blend the sides with the top without taking off too much.

This preppy cut is great for men who have straight hair and a medium thickness.

27. Brushed Back Fade

hairstyles for men over 40 brushed back fade
Have more time? A quick blast of the blow-dryer at the roots will help give volume.

Have a bit of length you want to show off? No problem: Ask your barber for a shorter fade on the sides, but keep some length up top to brush back with gel.

28. Cropped Curls

hairstyles for men over 40 cropped curls
Casual, yet stylish. Photo credit: Dvora

Men blessed with a bit of texture can rock a cropped cut with a longer crown area that shows off some curls.

29. Fade and Beard

hairstyles for men over 40 fade and beard
The sharpest of notches make the look.

We love the super-balanced look of a clean fade and an impeccably groomed beard.

30. Longer Curls

hairstyles for men over 40 longer curls
Longer curls are in! Just make sure to keep up with trims to avoid looking unkempt. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Shags and mullets are so in style this year. Regular trims keep the ends neat and more modern-looking.

31. Mini-Pomp

hairstyles for men over 40 razor part
Fake the volume of a pomp with a strategically placed razor part. Photo credit: Dvora

A tiny hard part via a razor (have your barber do it!) helps facilitate the curl in this mini-pompadour.

Which of the looks are you looking to try?

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