15 Styles You Can Create With Extreme Hold Gel at Home

Rock that gelled look with these inspiring hairstyle ideas.

If you struggle with having your hair fall out of your carefully coiffed hairstyle, it may be time to switch up your products. Sure, we’re pomade fans as much as most dudes, but when holding hairstyles are the key, you can’t go wrong with extreme hold gel — it’s in the name! We’re confident you can use hair gel to create just about any go-to hairstyle in your arsenal. It’s all down to using the right amount of product and allowing it to dry undisturbed.

15 Styles Using Extreme Hold Gel

Read on to learn how to create 15 different hairstyles, all using extreme hold gel.

1. ’80s-Style Slick Back

Man uses extreme hold gel to create slicked back style.
Not just for ’80s parties. Photo credit: Dvora

Obviously, you can create a slicked-back style with gel. It’s the best way to get the look with hold that can last you from morning to night. We like to use the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Gel for its strong hold and shiny finish. Just apply the gel (liberally!) to your hair and comb backward. Done and done! This style pairs well with undercuts for a modern effect.

2. Casual Mohawk

Man uses extreme hold gel to create mohawk style.
Easy to wear mohawks.

We do love a good modern mohawk. Instead of a punky sharp and straight-up look, the casual mohawk is more rounded and less intense looking. You’ll get the majority of this style by rounding out your hair with a blow dryer. Then, take your high hold gel — applying just a bit to the tips of your fingers — and run your fingers through your hair, working upwards to set the style.

3. Modern Spiked Up Hair

Man uses extreme hold gel to create spiked up style.
Wear a spiked-up look this year.

Spiked-up hair will always be a thing. We’re not mad about it, but we do think that spiked hair for men needs to get a little update over the years. The 2017 version is less stiff and less spiked, in general. You can use gel to set specific pieces together and at the roots to set them upright.

4. Wild Quiff

Man uses extreme hold gel to create wild quiff style.
Who wouldn’t want to try this fun style? Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For a fun and funky look, use your hair gel to get this over-the-top quiff. It’s easy enough to do but will use quite a bit of gel. You’ll basically need to apply a hefty amount of gel all over your hair from root to tip. Then, you can comb upwards and downwards to set your hair in this sculptural look.

5. Stylized Waves

Man uses extreme hold gel to create fingerwave style.
Try a new take on waves. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Fingerwaves work for men, too! And if you’ve got short hair, it’s super easy to do. You’ll simply take your gel and apply it to the top of your hair. Then, take a fine-tooth comb and comb in the wavy design. You can hold the curves in place with a finger when you go to the next one so you don’t lose the pattern.

6. Cool Comb Over

Man uses extreme hold gel to create combover style.
Comb overs are actually really cool.

We like to use extreme hold gel on chill hairstyles, too. We particularly like this one for guys with thick hair who need that extra bit of hold. Use the gel to push your roots one way and the rest of your hair smoothed the opposite direction. This will give you the voluminous look without needing to style too much with a blow dryer.

7. Punk Mohawk

Man uses extreme hold gel to create punk mohawk style.
A style that can only be held up by extreme gel. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Punk hunk? Of course you can use gel to make an intense mohawk! We like the Dove Men+Care Control Gel to create bold mohawk looks. Apply the gel to your hair, pulling upwards to hold this ’90s grungy style into place.

8. Stylized Mustache

Man uses extreme hold gel to create styled beard.
Yep! The gel works on facial hair, too.

There is no reason you can’t use hair gel to style a mustache, too. Usually, waxes are used to style facial hair, but they can be particularly hard to wash out. Gel, on the other hand, is far easier to wash out. Just switch out a dab of wax for gel and style all the same.

9. Wet Look Hair

Man uses extreme hold gel to create wet style.
Try a wet hair look for a fashion-forward trend.

Wet-looking hair is super cool this year. You can get this look on your natural hair texture without having to do a whole lot. Simply apply gel to your hair as you normally wear it. The more gel you use, the shinier and wetter it will look.

10. Slick Pompadour

Man uses extreme hold gel to create pompadour style.
Pompadours are one of our favorite styles.

You can’t go wrong with a slick ’50s-style pomp! And, for those with hair that just doesn’t want to hold in this style, extreme hold gel can get you there. Just follow this tutorial for work-day pomp, switching out the wax for the shiny, high-hold benefits of gel.

11. Defined Curls

Man uses extreme hold gel to create defined curly style.
Defined curls are a must.

For curly-haired dudes, you basically need to use a gel to get healthy-looking defined curls. Creating defined curls for men may be a bit more work than you are used to, but it is so worth it, trust us. Using a higher hold gel will help for difficult-to-style hair.

12. Chilled-Out Quiff

Man uses extreme hold gel to create weekend quiff style.
Wear that casual quiff all week.

Did you know that matte gel is a thing? Yeah, you can get the hold of a gel with the matte look of other products. To get this casual quiff, just rake a little Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel through your hair at a backward angle. Use whatever gel is left on your hands to smooth down the sides of your hair.

13. Slicked-Back Man Bun

Man uses extreme hold gel to create slick style.
Try a slicked-back man bun instead.

Slick man buns are definitely a thing. You just need to be very careful where you apply the gel. You’ll want to apply gel to the roots of your hair but only up to the point that the bun will start. Smooth your hair backward, then the ends of your hair should be gel-free so you can wrap it into a man bun.

14. Voluminous Pomp and Undercut

Man uses extreme hold gel to create undercut pomp style.
A new take on the undercut.

How cool is this high contrast look? We’re big fans of the look of a short, shaved undercut and longer pomp on top. You can style this with the Axe Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel so you can get the hold you need. Extreme hold gel, in this case, helps to hold volume to half-shaved hair.

15. Tousled Comb Over

Man uses extreme hold gel to create tousled style.
A new quiff.

For our casual-loving friends, we like this tousled look. This look is really easy to create if you have a wavy or curly hair type. You just need to apply some gel to your fingers to set your hair in the style. Then, you can define specific pieces of hair to ensure a messy, tousled look.

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