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Hair Wax for Men: The Core Products That Provide Reliable Hold

The secret to hair that holds.

Lots of guys don’t exactly love piling on multiple hair products when they’re styling their hair. But for most men, hair products are a necessary step. Guys with shorter hair, or those rocking more intricate, detailed looks, usually need to keep their gels and pomades in the rotation all year round in order to achieve the look they want.

And when looking for a non-invasive yet still effective product, it’s important to keep an eye out for these buzzwords: putty, paste or cream. These products provide a more lightweight look and feel while still delivering reliable hold. Read on for some of our top recommendations for hair wax for men according to your hair type:

The Best Hair Wax for Men of Different Textures

best hair wax for men on slicked, straight hair
Highlight your healthy-looking straight texture with the right wax.

1. Straight Hair

Guys with straight hair can really benefit from a wax that gives a noticeable sheen—without making your hair greasy, of course. Products like AXE Natural Look: Softening Cream provide hair with texture, but a re-workable variety that can be restyled throughout the day as necessary.

hair wax for men wavy hair
Wax gives those waves some definition without sacrificing texture. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Wavy Hair

Guys with wavy hair who want to rock a slightly messy bedhead can opt for a paste that’s tailor-made to highlight their natural texture. AXE Urban Messy Look: Flexible Paste gives a modern just-out-of-bed feel to hair, infusing your look with more personality and movement.

best mens hair wax for curly hair
A cream can add dimension to curls and loose ringlets without the flattening effect. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Curly Hair

The best mens hair wax to use for guys with curly hair is one that gives dimension but without deflating or flattening your curls. AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream is great for defining curls and ringlets, as it gives a light hold for a more natural, relaxed look.

hair wax for men to achieve the bed head look
Fades and other short haircuts that tend to spike up can be controlled with wax.

4. Spiky Hair

Short-haired guys require a hair wax that doesn’t feel sticky but still delivers long-lasting hold. Pick a matte finish hair wax for a modern and sexy look. Bed Head for Men by TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax offers both hold and texture and can be used on either wet or damp hair. It’s also the ideal product to stash in your gym bag for after you hit the showers.

hair wax for men sculpted look
The middle ground between shiny and matte is a nice, molten, soft-looking finish. Photo credit: Dvora

5. Wild Card

If you need a catch-all hair wax that gives you control and some nice, soft-looking texture, choose a matte paste. Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste helps give you a matte finish whenever you need it. Bonus: It’s caffeine-infused, in case your scalp also needs a midday pick-me-up, too!

Mens Hair Wax Styling Tips

hair wax for men bleach blonde hair
These are some of our best styling tips for hair wax for men.

1. Choose the right product.

If you’re looking for a hair wax that will add a touch of shine and still maintain movement in your hair, you want AXE Messy Look: Matte Wax. This product fights humidity and adds shine all while keeping your hair in place.

If you’re looking for something a little stronger (think: windy mornings in the city), you can try Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick. This product helps give your strands a defined look perfect for killing it during Monday morning meetings, and a matte finish that won’t make your hair look greasy.

2. Learn how to style.

Styling a quiff the right way starts with a great haircut. Whether you’re rocking a fade or a style that’s a little longer, letting the top of your hair grow out is key for this look. Talk to your barber about giving the top of your hair a break when he cuts your hair, and then start styling your strands as soon as you have some length to work with.

Wash and dry your hair—per your usual routine—and grab a dime-sized amount of product to start with. Rub it between your hands and comb the top of your hair into a swept-quiff style. Add another dime-sized amount of wax if you feel like your hair needs a little more hold and rock your style in confidence.

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