hairstyles for men with thin hair

Cool, Camouflage-y Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

Relax, you don't need to shave it all off just yet.

For the guys out there that are already experiencing some hair loss, thinning hair can be a real concern. Not only is it disheartening to wake up to a bald patch (or a hairline that looks like it’s getting higher by the day), it also puts a wrench in your styling options. And for those who already don’t know of that many options of hairstyles for men with thin hair, this is somewhat of a major predicament.

Thankfully however, there are quite a few haircuts to choose from that are both easy and versatile. Most importantly, these cuts also make the most of the density you have got without gypping on style.

Check out our gallery for some our favorite hairstyles for men who have thin hair. Don’t forget to show these pictures to your barber the next time you’re short on inspiration:

Cool (and Camouflage-y) Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

hairstyles for men with thin hair high and tight
Whitewalling a.k.a. side-shaving requires some self-awareness. Darker-skinned men transition the best into full-shaven sides, while guys with lighter skintones need a bit of time to even out their newly-exposed scalps. Photo credit:

1. High and tight

A version of the fade or taper, the high and tight is one of the most genius ways to mask some thinness at the hairline, like those “devil’s horns” near the temples. The style thins out your hair throughout the head, leaving just an inch-long tuft on top—this can create the illusion of more fullness up there. Make sure to ask your barber or stylist that the sides and back be as short and faded as possible. Give some definition without losing volume by applying a little dollop of wax, like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Matte Separation, on your lengths if you want a bit of texture.


hairstyles for men with thin hair cool quiff
The quiff adds some volume up top to dudes starting to experience allover thinning. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Cool quiff

If you want something slightly longer than the high and tight, you might want to try the quiff. Keeping the sides still thinly tapered, ask your barber to keep the top around two to three inches long so you can play around with some length, which can be brushed up or at an angle. A small warning: This style can open up the forehead or emphasize a receding hairline, so it’s best for men with thinning on the crown or around the sides of the head. To style, blow-dry hair till damp and swipe some pomade throughout the front such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick. Finger-style that pomp as desired.


hairstyles for men with thin hair buzz cut
Grow into your  new hairline with a no-nonsense buzz. Photo credit:

3. Buzz cut

This popular style is renowned for its uniformly short length around the head, give or take a few more millimeters on top. It’s also easy and uncomplicated for any barber as it’s merely a matter of knowing which clipper guards to use all over. Sometimes, women actually find buzz cuts—and the confidence that goes with them—a hotter alternative than hanging on to those last vestiges, and if her guy also pairs his crew cut with some sexy stubble? Game over. If you’re growing it out and want a bit of control, don’t forget that cream (we like the chill texture of Axe Signature Natural Look: Understated Cream), as well as a hair appointment every five weeks.


hairstyles for men with thin hair mop top
Rake product through the tops. The more imprecise, the better. Photo credit:

4. Mop top

Who knew that floppy, nerdy-looking mop you sported in college would be so clutch? For guys with all-over thinning but have some length to spare, ask your barber to simply trim the sides to tidy them up, but leave some volume up top. The tousled appearance at the crown makes it look thicker than it actually is, which is why guys with naturally wavy hair pull this off the easiest. Style with a finger-swipe amount of molding wax or putty, like Axe Signature Natural Look: Softening Cream, on damp hair—think organized chaos.


hairstyles for men with thin hair comb-over
Keep it slick for work, and blow-dry for some texture after hours. Photo credit:

5. Comb-over

A younger, cooler upgrade on your dad’s version, this features a taper or fade on the sides with some length up top, much like a quiff but with the lengths brushed neatly to the side instead of styled à la 1950s greaser. Men with thinning hair around the sides or a bald patch on the crown look best, as this ’do perfectly hides both, and styling it is super easy too, especially if you have straight hair to begin with. Blow-dry hair till damp, rake through some pomade such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play, and brush off to one side or on a 45-degree angle from the forehead.


hairstyles for men with thin hair clean and cropped
The classic crop gracefully transitions you into your new hairline. Photo credit: Dvora

6. Clean and cropped

You can’t go wrong with a classic look. Unlike other trendier versions, the classic short crop is one that you can actually grow old with, especially if your hair loss pattern is just an all-around thinning with no drastic bald patches. Ask your barber for a uniform inch all the way around, give or take, with no fade. Style the hairline after blow-drying hair by applying some soft, pliant wax or regular pomade like Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade, for some gentlemanly definition and control.

Which of these hairstyles for men with thin hair are you going to try?

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