Sexy Fade Haircuts for Guys

It's time you gave your failsafe fade some upgrades. 

Imagining the different ways we can style fade haircuts for guys is one of our favorite pastimes here at All Things Hair. The fade is one of the hottest haircut trends for men, and it’s easy to see why: This classic cut can be easily personalized and re-imagined in a myriad of ways, making it one of the most democratic ’dos we’ve come across.

Unlike the no-nonsense undercut, fades require a lot more skill and precision barbery to achieve. When it comes to a proper taper or fade, blending is what makes all the difference. Read on for our picks of some classic-with-a-twist iterations of this timeless hairstyle:

Trending Fade Haircuts for Guys

the undercut hybrid as one of the fade haircuts for guys
The undercut-fade hybrid features more blending where the two lengths meet, but with a sudden increase in length up top. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Undercut Hybrid

This best-of-both-worlds hairstyle features a traditional undercut on top—meaning lengths up to five inches, depending on your preference—and a subtle, more connected fade on the sides. Ask your barber for a mid-fade that starts right above your parietal ridge (where your head bump starts to slope), thinning downwards the neckline. Style the top however you like, but we like it best somewhat slicked back with gel, such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play. Perhaps you can try a combed over look during the day and mussed up look for after-hours.

fade haircuts for guys sexy quiff
The quiff can be styled with a low fade (as shown) or thinner, more drastically shaven sides.

2. Sexy Quiff

Some guys like pairing their quiffs with longer, unshaven sides; we particularly favor those that come with a fade. Shorn sides give a nice foil to a quiff and complement its scruffy, slightly bad-boy texture. Work some gel such as AXE Signature Messy Look: Matte Gel onto the crown and hairline and angle to one side.

fade haircuts for guys like the razored pomp
Nothing says retro swag more than an updated pomp. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Razored Pomp

A pompadour with tightly faded sides—almost as high as a “high and tight,” but longer at the top—is a slick twist on the trend. This takes a lot of precision work from your barber, and the thing to ask for is a particularly seamless transition on the sides, perhaps with the use of a razor, and not mere clippers. When creating your pomp, a dime-sized amount of classic pomade such as Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade, and combing with a rat-tail comb nails really nails the look.

fade haircuts for guys like a temple fade is a classic
Sharp angles at the temples give this cut its distinct East Coast appeal. Photo credit:

4. Brooklyn Bedhead

Also called a temple fade, a Brooklyn fade involves a rather angular pattern near the temples. This is a fun look for guys who want to experiment but still keep things within the realm of professional. Awesome on thick hair and African American men, the top isn’t left to grow out as long—around 3 to 4”—and is texturized with some matte wax or putty, like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste, for a sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed feel.

fade haircuts for guys like side clippings give personality to a fade
Graphic clippings give fun personality to an otherwise one-note fade.

5. Curly with Side Clippings

A bit of texture never hurt nobody. When it comes to fade haircuts for guys, we’re all over the stylish variety on this one. Longer versions feature a top cut to around to 3” and styled with its natural texture in mind (some mousse or soft styling cream, such as AXE Signature Natural Look: Softening Cream can help get you there).

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