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TIGI Copyright’s Newest Campaign Helps Support the Trans Wellness Center

Today, January 13, is the launch of TIGI Copyright‘s newest campaign for 2020, You Can Always Start Over. The campaign is in collaboration with celebrity hairstylist and TIGI Copyright’s newest brand ambassador, Andrew Fitzsimons. It’s also in support of the Trans Wellness Center—and we could not be more excited about this!

You Can Always Start Over: Real People, Real Stories

you can always start over
Attendees were asked to write down an intention for the new year. Photo courtesy of TIGI Copyright.

You Can Always Start Over focuses on the stories of real people and real situations. Each story highlights a new topic and charitable cause.

At the event, we had the opportunity to hear Fitzsimons talk about beauty and transformation. “Transformation doesn’t only exist in the physical world in relation to beauty, but it’s also internal,” said Fitzsimons. He explained how people want to want to be heard and valued. By helping someone’s physical identity through the campaign, Fitzsimons accomplishes what people want. Ultimately, helping their inner identity and creating a positive impact.

you can always start over campaign
Renée Valerie talking with Andrew Fitzsimons. Photo courtesy of TIGI Copyright.

“I am so proud to be part of this campaign which sheds light on the power of transformation and change. A new start can be a signifier of rebirth, a new chapter in your life. It can be very powerful because it can give you fuel to move on in a completely different direction,” shared Fitzsimons.

Since TIGI Copyright’s campaign is unveiling in support of the Trans Wellness Center, we heard from Mariana Marroquin, manager of TWC. The TWC provides comprehensive services to transgender and non-binary people under one roof. The center is created by the community, for the community.

you can always start over campaign
Mariana Marroquin and Andrew Fitzsimons. Photo courtesy of TIGI Copyright.

“When parents come in with their kids and they see there is a trans woman who is an immigrant, and she has a job, and all the staff is a community, so people don’t have to explain what it means to be trans,” said Marroquin. In addition to supporting the transgender community, this campaign brings together TIGI Copyright’s core values of artistry,  authenticity, empowerment, community, and the transformative result of In-Salon and At-Home products.

TIGI Copyright has donated many products to the TWC, and gave us the opportunity to help out too! We got biodegradable mailers to fill with unused beauty products, which we can mail straight to TWC. We could not be happier with what You Can Always Start Over is aiming to do!

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