Grunge Hair: It’s a #Mood

Grunge is back with a modern update.

The ’90s are back and that’s a good thing, especially when we’re talking about ’90s hair! One of our favorite looks for those with medium to long hair from this era is possibly the grungy, messy bob. As anyone who’s seen this trend the first time around in the ’90s knows, throwback hairstyles work best with a bit of a tweak—and for grunge hair, this can mean a cleaner, more streamlined cut, more deliberately blunted layers, and better-performing products! (No more using chalky wax formulas!)

Plaid shirts, brown lipstick, and Pacific Northwest rock notwithstanding, here are ways to ace that grungy hair vibe and yes, get with what truly is the biggest of #moods. Read on and get inspired (or not… whatever):

1. Loose Waves

grunge hair loose waves
Keep it effortless, messy and loose.

Channel your inner ’90s babe with beachy waves. These messy tangled curls nail that effortless ease that comes with any grunge style.

2. Two-Toned

grunge hair two-toned
High-contrast hair was a sign of the times.

Make a bold statement with a two-toned color story. This short choppy style is unarguably an iconic ’90s style.

3. Center-Parted and Tucked

grunge hair center parted tucked
First generation #iwokeuplikethis. Photo credit:

When in doubt, throw your curls into a center part and tuck the very fronts behind your ears. This ’90s sitcom actress favorite is a not-so-subtle nod to the decade of grunge.

4. Long, Springy Curls

grunge hair spiral curls
Keep your curls spiraled and on point.

The secret to springy curls is a hair mousse that adds volume and definition. Run Dove Style + Care Volume Amplifier Mousse through your curls for instant oomph.

 5. Messy Space Buns

grunge hair space buns
Messy space buns are the ultimate grunge hairstyle.

Grunge hair marries one of the biggest trends of the ’90s with this messy style. Give your space buns a grungy spin by leaving your fringe loose in the front.

6. Inky Purples and Blues

grunge hair inky purples and blues
The moodier the color, the better.

The ’90s were all about moody hues and grungy vibes. What better way to nail that energy than with an inky purple hair color?

7. Platinum

grunge hair platinum
All-over bleached hair gave a look some cred. Photo credit:

This all-over bleached look makes quite the grunge hair statement.

8. Pink

grunge hair pink
The more D.I.Y. looking, the more legit! Photo Credit: Roisin Murphy

Highlighter pink was the hue of the decade!

9. Air-Dried Bobs

grunge hair air-dried bobs
Arguably the best thing to come out of the ’90s? Wash-and-wear bobs. Photo credit:

Take a break from your hot tools and take the wash-and-wear bob for a spin.

10. Long and Matte

grunge hair long and matte
Sea salt spray on straight hair gets you there. Photo credit:

Spritz your straight hair with Bed Head by TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray to achieve this matte, grunge hair look.

11. Lob-Length

grunge hair lob length
The most iconic length of the era is one that grazed shoulders (better for all that ear-tucking).

Take the plunge and get rid of the ends that are keeping you from this iconic ’90s lob length.

12. Flat

grunge hair flat
Yup, limp, intentionally stringy hair was most definitely a thing. Photo credit:

Skip the volume and try this flat-top, limp style for your grunge hair look.

13. High Ponytails

grunge hair high ponytails
The updo du jour.

Pull all of your hair (or just a small section on top) forward to create this waterfall ponytail. Give your updo some extra texture and volume with the help of some TRESemmé Volume Thickening Spray.

14. Nouveau Pin-Up Bangs

grunge hair nouveau pin-up bangs
The rockabilly fringe makes for a DOUBLE throwback!

This short fringe style has a ’90s grunge hair vibe written all over it.

15. Crimped

grunge hair crimped
Tight crimps added that extra something, for sure.

Crimped hair of any length and style was one of the hottest ways to wear your strands in the ’90s.

16. Beanies

grunge hair beanies
The hair accessory to cop. Photo credit:

This is another grunge hair look that works with hair of every length and texture! Throw a beanie on for an easy nod to the ’90s.

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