The Bowl Cut: 20 Ways To Rock This Classic Style

The bowl cut is back and better than ever! Check out how to rock the bowl cut for women.

It’s no secret that what’s old is new again in the world of beauty. This is clearly evidenced in the resurgence of the bowl cut hair of the ’70s and ’80s. You probably recall this short haircut as the reluctant ‘do that your Mom forced upon you as a child, complete with a rounded cut and short bangs. While this look is forever emblazoned in your school pictures, you probably saw some updates, as evidenced by celebs and some new quarantine cuts. Ready to go for this short, trendy look? Check out the 20 bowl cut ideas to inspire your new look.

20 Trending Ways to Wear a Bowl Cut in 2023

1. Fade Bowl Cut

bowl cut undercut hairstyle trend
Opt for a modern bowl cut with a stylist fade.

This cool hybrid short haircut pairs a fade cut with a bowl cut in a contrasted look. When you add some hair color to the mix, you’ll achieve an even more eye-catching style.

2. Mullet Bowl Cut

bowl cut long cut
Mullet bowl cuts include more length. Photo credit:

If you’re looking to maintain your length while embracing the soft curve of this haircut, keep it slightly longer for a more feminine rendition of the look. This mullet version of the bowl cut looks especially on trend when it’s sleek, thanks to a blowout. To keep the smooth post-blowout, use TRESemmé Ultra Fine Hair Spray to help make your hair humidity-resistant and frizz-free.

3. Vintage Bowl Cut

bowl cut with flipped ends
Flip that bowl cut!

Since we’re throwing it back to the ’90s, why not go back in time a bit further? By combining the classic ’90s look with a ’40s twist, your modern-day cut hairstyle will truly transcend time.

4. Asymmetrical Bowl Cut

bowl cut Asymmetrical
Take this look to the side for a modern update.

Short haircuts are the perfect first step for an asymmetrical style since they allow for a trendier variance in texture and shape, which ultimately means all eyes will be on y-o-u. When you bring a bowl cut to life with asymmetrical details, you can embrace a flowy bounce to an otherwise traditionally boyish vibe. And that’s precisely what we like to call the best of both worlds.

To shape this look, use a hair gel or hair balm, like TRESemmé One Step Styler Blow Out Balm, to help you get the hold you need and style in less time. Apply the product, avoiding roots, and work evenly through damp hair in a blow-dryer on low heat for the perfect amount of added volume. Another way to have fun with this version of the bowl cut is to play around with where you part your hair, switching it up every now and again as you, please.

5. Heavy Bangs

bowl cut heavy bangs
Go heavy on the bangs with this look. Photo credit:

Love bangs and short hair? Then this look is for you! Opt for a rounded cut that circles your head with a long fringe. The beauty of this look allows you to cover your forehead or clip your hair to the side when needed.

To smooth your bangs out and avoid frizz, use TRESemmé One Step Styler Sleek Cream with UV complex. Apply it on damp hair, avoiding roots, and style as usual, or use on dry hair to avoid flyaways post-styling.

6. Bowl Cut Hair and Highlights

bowl cut with highlights
Add some highlights to your bowl cut for a fun look. Photo credit:

Jazz your cut even more with a bit of some color. We love this edgy look paired with bold highlights, like this deep red, that can define your face.

7. Classic Bowl Look

classic bowl cut
Go for the look in this classic look. Photo credit:

Or maybe only the classic look will do for you? That’s cool, and luckily that version is still going strong. This look is all about a rounded cut that’s complemented with short bangs and a layered frame. If this is a bowl short cut you’re going for, be sure to get regular cuts to maintain this fierce look.

8. Short Bowl Haircut

bowl cut short brown hair
Short bowl cut with long bangs. Photo credit:

This bowl haircut features short hair length with a super-long fringe. The hair underneath may be shaved, and a fringe can optionally be parted in the middle and styled as curtain bangs.

9. Colorful Undercut Bowl Haircut

bowl cut natural hair
Update the bowl cut hairstyle with some color. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Pink coily hair pairs perfectly with a voluminous bowl haircut. A shaved temple brings the long top up a bit higher and gives this hairstyle a modern twist.

10. Middle Part Bowl Haircut

bowl cut short hair asian woman
Why not try bowl cut with curtain bangs? Photo credit:

If you keep your bangs at least eyebrow length, you can do a central parting and let the sides hang over your forehead like curtains. That’s how to give a trendy look to a classic bowl cut shape.

11. Graduated Bowl Haircut

bowl cut short hair brown
This shape adds a little edge. Photo credit:

A thick short fringe, a perfect ear length, and an added volume at the back. This haircut took all the best features from a classic bowl cut and a graduated bob. And that’s all you need to look gorgeous.

12. Long Modern Bowl Cut

bowl cut short hair asian woman
Use a blow out styling method to make it even more fluffy. Photo credit:

You can always break the rules and cut your bowl and fringe longer. This modern version looks like something in between a short bob with fringe and a bowl haircut, still remains elegant, fluffy, and voluminous.

13. Short Choppy Bowl Cut

bowl cut short blonde hair
Separate your bowl cut from old-fashion versions. Photo credit:

Uneven cut line is anything but boring. If your hair is short and straight, a bowl haircut with short choppy bangs will give it a desired texture, as well as a modern look.

14. ‘Mushroom’ Bowl Cut

bowl cut short blonde hair
Bowl haircut adds volume to straight hair.

Back in the day, you may have been called a ‘mushroom head,’ but these days your hair will be #OnFleek. Shorted underneath layers give this haircut volume and height at the back.

15. Crop Bowl Cut

bowl cut short curly hair
A bowl haircut can be as short as you wish. Photo credit:

You can bring the top of your bowl cut a little higher, like in a crop cut. And if you have natural curls, they’ll play on the contrast by adding texture and volume to your hairstyle.

16. Short Bangs Layered Bowl Cut

bowl cut short brown hair
Not a classic bowl cut, but we still love it. Photo credit:

If you add layers, like in a shag haircut, or style your bowl cut a little bit messy, this makes a big difference in the whole look. Cut your fringe shorter, leaving your tresses tousled to achieve this trendy style.

17. Layered with Side Bangs Bowl Cut

bowl cut short dark brown hair
Bowl cut with side piece-y bangs. Photo credit:

For those who want to experiment with side parting, we recommend creating a medium-length, layered bowl cut. Then, just sweep your hair off to one side, fix it with a styling wax, and you are ready.

18. Ear-Length Bowl Cut

bowl cut short brown hair highlights
Ear-length bowl cut requires minimal styling. Photo credit:

This ear-length bowl cut looks great with any hair color or texture, but we really love the voluminous effect that messy styling and highlights give it. Short fringe is easy to manage and makes your hair look thicker.

19. Long and Curly

bowl cut short brown hair curls
Natural curls and bowl haircuts are the perfect match. Photo credit:

Naturally, curly hair gives an amazing opportunity to add volume and texture to the classic bowl haircut. Just ask your stylist to cut your curls medium length and follow the bowl shape.

20. Long Fringe Medium Bowl Cut

bowl cut short brown hair
A soft bowl cut look. Photo credit:

To give your cut a softer look, try medium length like it’s a little bit overgrown. Separate a thick, long fringe and let it flow to your forehead. You can also style your long bangs side-swept.

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