4 Italian Bob Hairstyles That Will Make You Love Short Hair Again

This is the makeover you were secretly hoping for.

The Italian bob has taken over social media and celebrities and is quickly becoming the top haircut for winter. As you know, we figured out what was different about this new variation of the classic bob, and we will tell you everything about it. So, if you were thinking of cutting your hair to celebrate the end of 2022 or to welcome 2023, you landed on the right page. Let’s discover what’s Italian about this bob, shall we?

The Italian bob is a retro style that dates back to the glamorous and elegant Italian women from the 1960s. It consists of a bob cut, thick layers giving it lots of volume, and styled with chunky waves. The best thing about this short haircut is that it works well with straight, wavy, and natural hair because it is styled. As long as you have a great texture spray for straight hair or mousse for curly hair, you’re good to go.

Italian bob with micro bangs
The micro bangs update this bob into a unique style. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

How did the Italian Bob Come About?

According to the Hair Bros, the creators of this iconic cut, the success of this style is its versatile simplicity and heaviness. Depending on the hair texture, the person can let the hair air dry after applying a bit of texture spray such as TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

Or heat-dry it to add volume and body if the hair texture is straight and flat. The versatility of the haircut is due to its face-framing layers and the different ways it can be parted. For example, it can be worn straight with a center part or heavy on one side with a deep side parting. Another way to wear it is gently tucked behind the ears with 60s hair accessories by the temples. The micro bangs give this classic haircut a retro-modern vibe in this particular style.

Social media is the best way to find inspiration when a haircut becomes a trend. We tipped #italianbob in the search box of the gram, and plenty of inspiration popped up.

Italian Bob with a Center Part

italian bob
The center part gives this bob a retro look. Photo Credit: emmalewishair/Instagram.

As we mentioned above, a great variation of this short haircut is to cut a thick layer and wear it with a center parting. Additionally, this style will make your face look chiseled since its layers frame it. The best thing about this European bob is that you can wear it with your ends curled or straight.

For a flat finish, we recommend prepping your hair with an anti-frizz-like Bed Head by TIGI Control Freak Serum. As a result, you’ll have a straight and sleek finish without any frizz. 

Brushed-Back Italian Bob

brushed-back italian bob
Brush your hair back with your fingers for a casual look. Photo Credit: spicegirl1987/Instagram.

If your vibe is a bit more relaxed, this brushed-back Italian bob is a great choice for you. We particularly love the effortless yet chic aura this short haircut gives out. Instead of curling your hair inwards, curl it upwards to give more volume to your hair. If your hair texture is stubbornly straight, apply a little wax to your ends and mold upwards.

For example, we love the texture and finish of Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick. What we love more about this wax stick is its non-sticky finish.

Deep Side Parted Bob

Italian Bob Side Part
Hairspray is the only product you need to achieve this sleek finish. Photo Credit: farheenkaleemart.

A deep side part makes any hairstyle look sexy and elegant. A perfect example is this straight bob, which is particularly suited for people with thick hair. Additionally, if you want to create more volume, you could tease the roots and add a volumizing hair spray.

For example, we love TRESemmé Total Volume Hair Spray. Enriched with collagen and vitamin B5, this hair spray gives you hold for up to 24 hours.

Which style do you like best? Whatever you choose this Fall or Winter, you won’t regret it.

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