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10 Black and Silver Hair Ideas to Punk it Out this Season

Because one striking color is not good enough.

Black and silver hair is here to stay. This trending color combo started popping up more and more last year, and now, it’s turning into the perfect shiny spring look for those who want to stick with dark strands. From an ombré style to highlighted looks, the possibilities with black and silver hair are truly endless.

Keep scrolling to find out ways you can sport this color combo.

Black and Silver Hairstyles

Thinking of trying black and silver hair? From fringe to ombré styles, check out inspo below!

1. Blunt Haircut

blunt bangs haircut
Try a blunt haircut with a light-to-dark look.

A blunt haircut is a great option if you want to make a statement. A cut like this is reliable, easy to style, and beautifully shows off your black and silver combo. Pair your blunt cut with bangs to tie it all together.

2. Black to Silver Ombré

Try an ombré look. Photo credit: Instagram @noemicara

An ombré hairstyle is a perfect look when sporting black and silver hair. These two colors seamlessly blend together. This style is for you if you’re looking for a seamless yet trendy way to incorporate both shades.

3. Silver Under Color

black and silver hair half
Try out an under color. Photo Credit:

Can’t decide if you want black or silver hair? Opt for an under-colored look. This consists of having the top half of your hair be one color, and the bottom half be a different color. This look is great for updos or if you want a hint of color peeking out from underneath.

4. Black Undercolor

Silver Undercut
Reverse the silver undercut with a black under color. Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Prefer black under the hair instead? Reverse the silver under-color with this style, which may be easier to accomplish depending on whether you have naturally dark hair. If you are growing silvers alone, this is also a gorgeous and seamless way to help you transition into a new hair color before fully embracing one hue on the mane.

5. Black to Silver Box Braids

girl with black to silver ombré braids
Go for an ombré look with your braids. Photo Credit: @Braids Caboolture Qld

An ombré look in box braids never fails to disappoint. Whether you dye your actual hair or use synthetic hair or yarn in your box braids, this style is a great way to transition shades seamlessly. If your scalp begins to feel tight or dry between washes or braidings, use a scalp serum, like SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Scalp Soother.

6. Black and Silver Half-Updo

girl with black and silver hair pinned back
Try out a two-toned look. Photo Credit: @monicasvanity_5

Show off a two-toned black and silver hairstyle with a half-updo. Pin back one side of your hair for a look that displays both colors in an exciting way. We love how this look can be worn casually or dressed with a fancier hair clip.

To keep your color looking vibrant, use a purple shampoo and conditioner set, like Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. This set is formulated for blonde, bleached, and silver strands to help neutralize brassy tones.

7. Black and Silver Bangs

black and silver hair with bangs
Try out the look with bangs. Photo Credit: @pixiesage_

Layered black and silver strands create a flattering two-toned look. We love how these colors look layered within a cute fringe bang look. This style looks great with layered bangs as well!

8. Wavy Black & Silver Bob

Wavy black and silver hair
Enjoy your black and silver hair with this wavy short cut. Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi

This wavy black and silver bob adds some dimension to your hair color. This short cut is a cute way to create a professional chic style for your hair, even with this intricate hair coloring. The look of adding some loose curls to your waves to add layering to your hair is also stunning! We recommend the TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hair Spray to help secure this gorgeous look into place.

9. Curly & Voluminous Black and Silver Hair

Emphasize your color with curls. Photo by Natasha Brazil

With colors such as black and gray creating such a beautiful hue and dimension for your hair, when worn curly, this dimension will help create the appearance of gorgeous voluminous hair!

10. Straight Cut Black and Silver Hair Look.

straight cut
Create a forward hair look with a straight cut. Photo by Gelmis Bartulis

Straight cuts are a great way to promote hair health by removing split ends. They also help you create a clean and forward look for the ends of your hair. Although significant, straight cuts might be hard to style at first. Get through the growing pains of straight cuts by sporting a hair color that makes you feel confident!

Whether you opt for black and silver ombré hair or weave the two colors throughout your look, there are many ways to sport both shades. Make sure to share your look with us on Instagram @AllThingHairUS.

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