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7 Best Red Hair Color Ideas to Try Out this Year

Color-flattering red cuts = traffic-stopping swagger.

The best red hair variation is considered one of the most vibrant—and fascinating—hair colors, and, in our neck of the woods, it’s also the rarest.

They say that an estimated 2 to 6% of people in the U.S. are natural-born redheads. Not to say the rest of us can’t have fun with a unique, fiery shade of red hair though: We’ve seen countless iterations and hybridized versions of this rich hue, from a mild strawberry blonde to hot coppers to rich, dark shades of wine, burgundy or auburn. There’s definitely something to be said about a vibrant, unadulterated shade of scarlet that can stop traffic in its tracks (maybe even literally!). Whatever shade you choose, click on to see which hairstyle showcases this bright, powerful color the best.

7 Styles that Highlight the Best Red Hair Colors

best red hair color complements full fringe
Full, retro bangs are low-key gorgeous on red hair. Photo credit:

1. Full Fringe

A lot of beauty insiders consider this one of the best red hair shade showcasers. How else can you be more in-your-face than with a strong, fiery copper than by wearing it, well, on your face? Back with a vengeance for Spring/Summer 2016 is the fringe, and we at ATH love the swingy, slightly retro spin that a full-on bang gives. Style with stick-straight strands for a true 1970s curtain effect and highlight its sheen with a shine hairspray such as Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray.

best red hair color complements chic lob
Amp up that ginger with a texturized, trendy lob. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Chic Lob

So you want to showcase a ladylike ginger without looking washed out. A sleek long bob exhibits the blonde tints in this color the best. But understand: An immaculate shine is what upgrades this look from mousy to vixen (enlist the help of a shine-infusing spray, such as Nexxus New York Salon Care Color Assure Glossing Tonic). The combo of this length and cut brings out any inconsistencies in color, so make sure your ginger shade is fresh and seamless, especially towards the root.

best red hair color complements middle parted curls
Burgundy to red ombre brightens up dark hair.

3. Middle-Parted Curls

A bright burgundy-to-scarlet ombré gives dimension and personality, specifically when styled with big, deliberate curls. Dark red ringlets act as highlights to an otherwise monochrome hairdo, and a wavy style emphasizes this modern femme fatale persona better than a simple straight look can.

best red hair color complements volumized curls
Penny-coppers look lush with majorly bendy waves. Photo credit:

4. Glamorous Volume

A full-on orange-red ’do commands attention, but why stop at color? Amp things up with thick, long waves that cascade from your shoulders downwards. Get more lift at the crown with the use of some hot rollers—not only will these set the curl, the heat also seals in some shine for added glamour.

best red color complements half up
Bangs add a vintage, beachy touch.

5. Half-Up Pony

A cute, kicky way to emphasize a youthful strawberry blonde hue is with a a half-up ponytail. Bonus points for curling the ends or blowing out your bangs. Would we wear this on a first date? Yes. Would we wear this on any day after that? Definitely.

best red hair color complements top knot
This simple ‘do has enough statement-making appeal with its color. Photo credit: Dvora

6. Vintage Top Knot

We can see it now: Building our glamourpuss starter kit would definitely entail having some silk chinoiserie, luxe boudoir accessories and a head of shocking auburn locks, all done up in a top knot. Something about the rich brownish-red hue just screams class, and nothing underlines this shade’s innate sophistication quite like an equally refined updo. The key to the look is a perfectly combed hairline that shows off your eye for detail.

best red hair color complements hawk hair pony
Backcomb high on your crown or a little lower, for a beehive-y effect.

7. Hawk Hair Pony

We wouldn’t dare undermine a rockstar blue-red with low-impact style. This unapologetically synthetic red is not for everyone, but just as well; only few are born to steal the show! Match that confidence with a poufy high ponytail that you tease at the crown. This style is effortless enough to show that you’ve got better things to do than fuss, but edgy enough to stand out. Tip: Keep this badass (but finicky) shade from leeching out by investing in a lower-sulfate wash and care system, such as Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Shampoo and Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Conditioner.

Which one of these best red hair color complementary styles is your favorite?

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