20 Best Red and Blonde Hair Color Choices of the Season

We're falling for a flirty red blonde hair color.

Today we’re giving you the lowdown on red and blonde hairstyles. What better way to get in full swing warm-weather mood than with a trendy yet unusual tweak to our everyday blondes? Here at All Things Hair, our favorite style upgrade always starts with our crowning glories—so much so that we’ve been looking at some red-blonde hair color inspirations.

A logical progression from the hot rose gold trend (and pink champagne), red blonde hair, or what’s more commonly referred to as strawberry blonde, is also a gentler way to transition into a warmer hue with less of a shock factor. White blondes and brondes who want to flirt with moodier, more robust shades can find strawberry blonde to be the missing link between their present base and their goal of darker hair.

How to Wear Red and Blonde Hair

A showstopper in its own right, strawberry red blonde hair is a fresh, somewhat unusual hue that’s also more difficult to maintain, lending it a more luxurious, expensive appeal. Read on to see how to make strawberry blonde work for you, regardless of your complexion or undertone:

This color can come in a variety of hues, so there’s a shade that will work for everyone.

How to Wear Red and Blonde Hair for Your Skin Tone

When picking out the perfect shade of red and blonde hair, there are a few things to keep in mind: tone, warmth, and coolness. This will help you determine what hue will be most flattering on you.

A classic red blonde hue will be most flattering on fair, warm-toned skin. If your skin is on the cooler side, ask your stylist to add more beige into the blonde color. On darker skin tones, opt for a red blonde color that is a little darker or has more golden tones in it. This will help prevent you from looking washed out.

20 Best Blonde and Red Hair Ideas

Looking for some blonde and red hair ideas? From copper to rose gold, check out inspiration for your next look.

1. Pinkish

strawberry red blonde hair light half updo
A pinkish blonde looks pretty and delicate against fair complexions. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Strawberry blonde comes into its element when paired against pale skin. The contrast of red blonde hair against a lighter skin tone gives the wearer an ethereal, almost delicate glow. Those with warmer/yellower undertones benefit from a true warm ginger blonde, which can even be highlighted with some faint golden strips to give the look more dimension.

Cooler-toned women can opt for beiger pinks, such as champagne blonde, to achieve an overall peachy look without looking washed out. To prolong this newfound flirty tint, we like switching to a color-safe system, such as Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

2. Coppery

strawberry blonde medium hair
Medium or more tanned complexions get more depth out of a copper-tinged strawberry. Photo credit: Dvora

Those with medium skin tones can definitely get on board the strawberry blonde train by playing up the copper. A more vibrant shade of strawberry plays off against medium complexions and is particularly fetching on those with olive skin as this enlivens their complexions and counteracts any sallowness. Those on the cooler side of the spectrum can also opt for a strawberry that has violet tones for a modern, very Instagram-worthy take on this reddish blonde.

3. Brick

strawberry blonde hair dark curls
Glossy, single-process cool reds pop against darker complexions.

Darker skin tones can still play with strawberry shade by actually going full throttle with their red. The contrast of a bright brick red against darker complexions is definitely more pronounced, meaning the color will look most luxurious as a single process.

4. Apricot

red and blonde hair sunny highlights
A pink undertone gives interest to this ash-blonde lob. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Juicy yellow-orange hues are charming on a curly bob and give a burst of color to pale, freckly skin. Embracing this vibrant hue can evoke a sense of warmth and playfulness, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a lively and eye-catching look.

5. Auburn

strawberry blonde tints on darker hair
Even darker reds can get the strawberry treatment by asking for a cool-undertoned red. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Darker base colors can still flirt with a reddish tone and retain a natural look. Choose a red that mimics the warmth of your undertones, i.e. light ginger paired with an auburn. This combination not only complements the skin’s natural hues but also adds a touch of rich, earthy elegance to your overall appearance.”

6. Rose Gold

strawberry blonde with a rose gold tint
Nothing like an elegant cool bronze to turn heads.

We can’t find anything we hate about this delicate shade of strawberry red: From the sleek cool tint to its expensive-looking shine, this shade is both luxe and statement-making. It’s a color that not only turns heads but also complements a wide range of skin tones, making it a versatile choice for those seeking a captivating and polished appearance.

8. Matte Champagne

dirty blonde hairstyles slicked down
Use a little bit of hair gel to create a sleek look like this one.

An artfully smudged ombré is the key to wearing different tones on a bob and still having it look natural. We love this shorter length for an edgy and cool look. This seamlessly blended ombré not only adds depth and dimension to your bob but also provides a chic and effortless transition between shades, resulting in a stylish and easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

9. Sandy Ginger

red and blonde hair sandy ginger
Introducing a yellow tone warms up a traditional copper hue. Photo credit: Dvora

A bit citrusy, this yellow-red blend perks up a sallow complexion while remaining one of the most unique renditions of red blonde hair we’ve seen. To enhance this distinctive hue, consider styling your hair with loose waves or curls that showcase the dynamic interplay of colors and add an extra touch of vibrancy to your look.

10. Honey Pink

honey red blonde hair
A golden-pink hue pops on natural textures. Photo credit: Dvora

A peachier take on regular golden honey shades, this look is great for neutral complexions or those who wish to set off a summer tan. This shade is truly unique and a total crowd-pleaser.

It’s important to take good care of colored hair between touchups. SheaMoisture Sugarcane Extract & Meadowfoam Seed Miracle Multi-Benefit Shampoo and Conditioner is a great option for natural hair textured because it restores moisture and provides slip while protecting your color.

11. Half-Up

half updo on red blonde hair
Loving the late ’60s French vibe of full bangs and a half pony.

A chic, everyday half-ponytail is revitalized by a peachy wash of color. Bring extra attention to your strands with this beautiful hue. The playful yet sophisticated nature of peach adds a refreshing twist to your hairstyle, making it a standout choice for those who want to make a stylish statement.

12. Blowout

blown out red blonde hair
So uptown-chic!

A smooth, shiny, bouncy blowout is the perfect foil for a rich reddish-tinged shade. It’s the ideal way to show off your fresh color with a beautiful bouncy finish.

Achieve an extra level of shine by using Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Spray after styling.

13. Blunt Bob

blunt bob on red blonde hair
Let your color speak volumes instead.

Apart from a crisp, elegant brownish red, sometimes an abbreviated cut is the only thing you need. Easy to care for and super edgy, this shorter cut is one of our favorites. This short cut adds an air of modern sophistication that’s both trendy and low-maintenance.

14. Fine Waves

fine waves on red blonde hair
A styling spray best achieves this level of body.

Red blonde hair on the thinner side gets a volume reprieve when styled in airy waves. The added texture will boost your strands and show off your fresh color at the same time. This effortless wavy style not only adds dimension but also enhances the dynamic interplay of red and blonde hues, creating a vibrant and lively look that’s perfect for any occasion.

15. Beachy Lob

beachy lob on red blonde hair
Red hair + loose spirals + black dress = understated sex appeal.

Waves that don’t look overdone are the perfect punctuation mark for this fiery color. Air-dry your strands for a truly undone look. Embracing the natural, tousled texture also adds a touch of effortless elegance.

16. Beachy Waves Red Blonde Hair

beachy long waves on red blonde hair
Longer hair can also get a beachy treatment.

By the same token, a texturizing spray, like TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray can also impart this look on longer locks. Simply mist this spray into freshly washed hair and then let your strands air dry.

17. Pigtails Red Blonde Hair

pigtails on red blonde hair
Such a chic, pretty, and unexpected look, especially with this single-process shade. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Pancaking the ponytails for a more texturized look keeps your pigtails looking more haute and less juvenile. Show off your fresh color with an attention-grabbing style.

18. Reverse Ombré Red Blonde Hair

reverse ombré red blonde hair
Lighter reds near the face help open up your features.

If you like your color progressively darker from the root down, stick to consecutive color levels for a more cohesive look. This transition is super smooth and soft.

19. Tight Curls Red Blonde Hair

tight curls on red blonde hair
So much personality, so little effort!

Choosing a high-impact shade can do loads for your natural texture, without you having to do much else afterward. It doesn’t get easier than that!

20. Swingy Lob

swingy lob on red blonde hair
A leave-in styler is all you’ll need to keep this look on point. Photo credit: Dvora

A pleasantly curled medium-length cut is not only a quick and easy look in the mornings; it’s also a great day-to-night look.

Would you consider one of these red and blonde hair color combinations? Be sure to snap a picture if you do and tag us @AllThingsHairUS!


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