Hair Color Ideas: Rose Gold Blonde Trend for Fall

Alyssa François | 19 October 2016

Everything’s coming up roses for fall.

Stop what you’re doing, open up your Instagram and search the #rosegoldblonde hashtag. Swooning yet? Us too! Just when we thought the fall season would start off with hair color ideas consisting of dark hues, the rose gold blonde trend surfaced. While the color looks super cool, it comes with its own set of rules (sorry, you may not want to try this dye job at home). Digging this look? Let us help you decide if the rose gold blonde hair color idea is ideal for you.

Hair Color Ideas: Nailing The Rose Gold Blonde Trend

1. Leave it up to your colorist.

This may not be the best dye job to try at home. To get the look hair is bleached to lift the hairs to a golden hue then a tinted gloss is added to create the rose gold color. Colorists use specific techniques to ensure the color doesn’t come out looking blotchy or spotty— something you may not be able to nail on your own.

pink rose gold highlights hair color ideas
The rose gold trend is one of the most unexpected hair color ideas for fall. Love it? Try it out and step into the new season with a bold statement.

2. Opt for trying out a test drive first.

Altering the color of your hair is a huge commitment, consider a temporary look before making your final decision. For a fun D.I.Y. project and to get a sense of how your blonde or light brown hair looks with the rose gold hue, use pink hair chalks or a colored hairspray to try the rose gold blonde trend out. This method is safe and temporary; if you don’t like it, wash it on out.

3. Keep color vibrant and prevent fading.

Whether you decided on a coppery hue, a rosy shade, or a more pinkish tone, this hair color, (like any other red) shade fades easily. Since hot water opens up the hair’s cuticle, opt for washing your hair with cooler water temperatures. Switch out your traditional shampoo and conditioner for color-safe alternatives. We suggest using the Suave Professionals Color Protection Shampoo and the Suave Professionals Color Protection Conditioner to protect and moisturize your color-treated hair.

rose gold blonde hair hair color ideas
Have fun with the rose gold blonde by mixing it up with different shades of pink.

3. For a subtle look, try balayage.

The balayage hair color is a great way to ease your way into this trend. If you want to create a bolder statement ask your stylist to mix in darker tones of pink. To keep it simple stick with one shade, and one that’s more neutral like a copper or buttery tone.

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