Suave Cactus Flower Shine Conditioner

Is It Right For Me?

This conditioner is perfect for anyone who is looking for a gentle formula. This cactus flower conditioner is gentle on your hair, while adding nourishment, moisture, and shine to your strands!

Best for:

  • icon of a woman with long, tightly crimped hair Frizzy
  • icon of a woman with a thick, layered haircut Thick
  • icon of a woman with a short, fine bob Thin
  • icon of a woman with a big, wavy hairstyle Wavy
  • icon of a cactus Dry
  • icon of two gray clouds Dull Hair

Top Tip

For best results, cleanse with Suave Cactus Flower Shine Shampoo.

How To Use

Apply from mid-shaft to ends of your hair, leave on for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse!

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