Best Shampoo for Itchy Scalp: What You Should Use to Relieve Your Symptoms

One simple switch in your hair care routine can work wonders. 

If you don’t suffer from a dry and itchy scalp, kudos to you—well, for now. This problem can happen to anyone at any given time. There are many people out there that have just started to suffer from this condition and don’t know why. Like a majority of people, they’re seeking quick and easy home remedies, or simply looking for the best shampoo for itchy scalp before heading to the dermatologist.

They say money is the root of all evil, but in the hair world, that’s an unhealthy scalp. Not to say an itchy scalp definitely means your scalp isn’t healthy, but it’s something worth paying attention to. A simple change in the hair care products that you use can help you treat an itchy scalp at home, and nope, it won’t cost you a fortune.

To help you on your quest to finding the best shampoo for itchy scalp, read on as we rave about the formula that works wonders:

shampoo for itchy scalp
wash away the itchiness with a shampoo formulated for dandruff relief.

Let’s talk more about how anyone can suffer from dry and itchy scalp at any time. There are some products that you use on a weekly or daily basis that can contribute to dryness and itchiness. How? The formulation of said products don’t prevent depletion of moisture from the scalp. Another way is simply over-washing your hair. If your shampoo doesn’t say that it’s suitable for daily use, don’t use it every single day.

How to Help Eliminate Your Itchy Scalp

Using a shampoo like, Dove Derma Care Dryness & Itch Relief Dandruff Shampoo is the product you need for putting your dry and itchy scalp issues to bed. Unlike many other itchy scalp shampoos, this formula doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry and stripped. It has a rich, thick and creamy formula that rinses out completely, provides gentle care—thanks to its pH balanced formula—smooths hair, and reduces frizz.

Before you try this shampoo, understand that consistency is key. Some people may experience results after one use (like me) and for others, it may be the second or third wash. Treating a dry and itchy scalp is an ongoing process. Whatever you’re using it to alleviate your symptoms, consider adding it to your hair care regimen as a staple. For many, this may be year-round, or on a seasonal basis.

When it comes to the wash and care process, here’s a tip: Apply the shampoo directly to your scalp. You can do this by parting your hair and applying straight from the bottle onto your scalp. You can also dispense it onto your hands and massage it in. After this the shampoo is on your scalp, let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. This is a crucial step as it allows the shampoo to hydrate and soothe your scalp before washing it out.

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