how to create a stylish and gorgeous wavy long bob

Tutorial: How to Create a Stylish Wavy Long Bob

A chic long bob without the big cut.

Maybe you have long hair and have always been wondering about getting a bob. But, then you think about the commitment, and the actual cut and nix that idea right there. Well, what about faking it by creating a wavy, long bob? A long bob hairstyle has been making it’s way amongst the celeb circuit and street style starts who don’t want to get the big chop, but still want to experiment with their look and try out something new. Plus, a long bob is an excellent hairstyle option to try over the summer where you can get some relief by getting your hair off of your sweaty neck (we have all been there!). Read on to discover some of our insider (and easy!) tips to score the long bob, complete with some super stylish (and gorg!) hair waves.

How to Create a Long Bob


Start clean.

Prep your long bob styling by starting with washed and conditioned hair. Try the Dove Nutritve Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo and the Dove Nutritve Solutions Daily Moisture Conditioner. Used as a system, these formulas can help your hair to feel smooth, silky and more manageable.


start by washing your long bob





Clip hair up.

Brush your hair. Section off the top part of your hair, leaving two sections loose on the sides of your hair. Grab the middle section of your hair, twisting it around until it forms a twisted bun. Hold this style in place with a hair clip.

section off your long bob into two sections




Curl the bottom part of your hair.

For that curly long bob look, using a curling wand to create long curls on the bottom half of your hair. Use some heat protectant like the TRESemme Get Sleek Heat Protection Spray whose formula can resist heat (up to an impressive 450 degrees), while also keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny.



using a curling iron on a long bob to create waves





Pin into a low bun.

After you create waves throughout the bottom section of your hair, twist your strands into a low bun. Secure this look by placing bobby pins throughout your bun. Leave the two front strands loose and next to your face.

pin your long bob into a low bun




Curl the front sections.

Next up are those loose pieces of hair in the front. Using a curling wand to create tight and bouncy curls (as you did in the back).

a woman curling her long blonde hair




Secure your front pieces.

Secure the front section of your hair by using some clips. Place the pieces loose around your hair as they meet the back section. The waves will look accentuated and super feminine.

secure the front pieces of your long bob




You're Done!

When you are done pinning and clipping your hair, you’ll have an instant long bob complete with gorgeous waves. No chopping needed. Have fun with this look as you test it out this summer.


a gorgeous wavy hairstyle for your long bob




There you have it – a fun and easy hairstyle you’ve got to try on your long hair this summer. Who knows, maybe you’ll even trick your friends into thinking you went for the big cut!

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