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The Banana Bun Is the French Look Du Jour

Bright and sunny summers call for equally low-fuss (but high-fashion) buns.

As if we needed yet another reason to envy French girls. But alas, the internet is indeed the gift that keeps on giving and bestows upon us le banana bun, a.k.a. one of Spring/Summer’s most pinned looks. It turns out that this hairstyle—which is just essentially a lower, messier French twist—is a fave among the stylish set, with the French spearheading the clamor for this trend, at least on Pinterest. We naturally follow suit, because one, we love things that make us look both cute and sexy at once, and two, because anything loose and messy is totally up our summertime alley.

The Banana Bun: A Lazy Gal’s Dream

If there’s one thing we can definitely get behind, it’s an inclusive hair trend—and needless to say, the banana bun is it. Just like how last year’s top knots and messy high ponies made us embrace our inner basic yoga babe, the banana bun takes a previously super-fussy (and honestly, quite stuffy) look like the French twist and modernizes it ever-so-coolly. What was once an outdated look reserved for high tea and royal weddings has now become a look worthy of 2018: Everything might be falling apart around you, but you’re still looking chic at brunch with the girls, soft wisps escaping from your low bun to accentuate your exquisitely articulated ennui. So very effortless; so painfully French.

auburn banana bun
Twist hair into a rope, and pin it into a roll or bun shape, stacking one layer atop the other. Photo credit:

Loopy and lazy

But we digress. The banana bun, in all its twisted, abstract glory, is however not one for the uninitiated. One must be able to embrace one’s hair texture—straight, wavy, curly… you name it—in all its unwashed, second-day glory, as this is the state perfect for this so-called brunch look (and hey, if it makes you look like a 1960s ingénue pining for your love over croissants and cigarettes, so be it). Take your hair, loosely twist it so it resembles a rope, and roll it upwards or diagonally till it resembles your favorite tropical plantain. Regarde:

Afterward, impale those inner seams with as many (or as little) bobby pins as you need to, stabbing until both you and your banana bun feel secure. Because feel secure you must. How dare he not invite you to his weekend barbecue, how dare your landlord raise the rent in the summer, how dare your roommates go to a frosé pub crawl without you… That’s it, roll it up, pin it, and forget about it. Make like the French and shake it off, knowing that life can get pretty sticky indeed. Doesn’t mean you have to look it though. You leave the mess to your chignons, thanks very much, and as for everything else? C’est la vie.

How to Do a Banana Bun in 7 Steps

Going bananas for this look already? We thought so. Create it at home with our step-by-step tutorial below and see how you can tailor the bun to your personal styling tastes.


Divide and conquer.

Start by prepping your hair with Dove Care Between Washes Clarifying Dry Shampoo to absorb any oil at your roots. Using your fingers, split the hair vertically into three sections. Make sure they are of even size and thickness so your banana bun looks full and voluminous.


banana bun section hair




Create a low ponytail.

Form the base of the style by tying the middle section of hair into a low ponytail at the base of the neck. Use a clear hairband if possible to keep the finished look neater.

banana bun create ponytail

Do the twist.

Take the right section of loose hair and wrap it over and under the base of the middle ponytail to cover the hairband. Do this while twisting the section inwards. Take the left section of hair and repeat the same step on the opposite side, leaving the end loose.

banana bun twist hair

Create your bun.

Use a couple of pins to discreetly secure the upper part of the twist, forming the base of your bun. Next, flip the hair sticking out of the bun inwards towards the ‘back’ of the style and pin into place, loosely. Make sure the bun is more cylindrical than spherical shaped and tug on any areas to loosen them if needed. This is the part where you get to determine just how messy (or not) you want your banana bun to be.

banana bun secure with bobby pin

Frame your face.

Pull out a few tendrils from around the front of your face to give the look additional dimension. Leave them hanging loose or tuck them behind your ear for a more undone feel.

banana bun frame face

Secure the style.

You’re almost done! Keep all your hard work in place with a spritz of TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4. It’s lightweight enough to keep the hair from looking too stiff, but also long-wearing, keeping your style budge-proof all day. And that’s all there is to it, you’ve now mastered the banana bun!

banana bun finished look


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