5 Minutes With Rachel Jo Silver of Love Stories TV

Miriam Herst | 27 September 2016

How to conquer the world and look fabulous doing it.

Girl boss and founder of Love Stories TV, a website dedicated to wedding videos, Rachel Jo Silver is also a hair and beauty expert and has collected endless insider tips from her days at Birchbox. She recently moved on to create Love Stories TV, a powerful tool for brides-to-be for finding ideas and inspiration for their own weddings. It’s also the place for the recently married to feature their videos – and for the rest of us to watch hours upon hours of real life love stories. Whether she’s on set for a photoshoot as the ambassador of Kit and Ace‘s Nolita store, updating the addicting Love Stories TV site, or giving free beauty advice on her Instagram feed, her hair is always looking flawless. Read on to discover some hair tips from Rachel Jo Silver! 

Rachel Jo Silver Hair Interview

Rachel Jo Silver

All Things Hair: From products to hot tools, what does your typical haircare routine look like?

Rachel Silver: A few months ago I cut my long, wavy/curly hair to shoulder length and I’m obsessed! I can’t tell you how much easier my hair routine is now. I either:

1) Air-dry: I wash and condition, use a dime-sized amount of curl cream on my damp hair, and once dry add a teensy bit of gloss.

2) Blow-dry: Wash and condition, spray with a blow dry spray, spray a little bit of wave spray into my hands and rub on my dry hair to mess it up a bit, then I go as many days as possible without washing and use loads of dry shampoo. 

All Things Hair: What’s one of your must-have hair products?

Rachel Silver: Wave spray — I use it on air dried hair to spruce up curls, and blow dried hair from to keep it from being too perfect.

All Things Hair: Favorite hairstyle to wear?

Rachel Silver: My favorite is easy boho waves.

All Things Hair: Do you have any bridal-specific tips or suggestions when it comes to styling your hair for your wedding?

Rachel Silver: Try to schedule for a hair trial for a day you have an actual event: maybe you’re a bridesmaid in another wedding, or you’re going out for the night. Sometimes that braid or high bun you saw on Instagram doesn’t feel great on and you want to know that ahead of time! And, if you don’t have a special event, make one! Schedule your hair and makeup trial and then plan a date night with dancing.

All Things Hair: When it comes to hair, what’s worth the splurge?

Rachel Silver: Haircuts are worth the splurge — find a hairstylist you love and feel comfortable being honest with and then stick with them as long as you can.

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